Local is lekker

Local is lekker (lekker is an Afrikaans word meaning “awesome”) is an important concept at Rogz. We now manufacture the majority of our products locally in our Rogz factories in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. This enhances quality, creates supply-channel optimisation and reduces lead-times. Manufacturing in-house also allows us to focus on and move forward with our [Environmental, Social, Governance] ESG practices.

Rogz is a proudly South African company and being able to manufacture locally allows us to showcase and empower South Africans. The in-house manufacturing process means each product has a distinct, unique Rogz DNA, setting it apart in the market and we get to celebrate our heritage.

Bringing back to South Africa

“When Rogz started, all manufacturing was local. However, 10 years into the business, we wanted to escalate fast, and the fastest way of growing [at that time] was to outsource manufacturing to other international markets, in particular, China. As the years went on, it was clear that Rogz was losing its DNA in products that we did not manufacture ourselves,” says cofounder Paul Fuller.

In 2016, Rogz made the shift back again to be a brand that innovates in-house. We started the process of upgrading our own production facility in Cape Town with extra space, new machinery and upskilling our people. Post Covid-19, the world is new and everybody is trying to find alternate sources. And so the setup that Rogz created in-house is a fantastic springboard for streamlining production. The recent ranges we have launched were developed and manufactured totally under our own roof in Cape Town.

We are now on the journey of sourcing most of our raw material locally, whereas originally most of the raw material came from Asia. By transferring to local suppliers, we are truly cementing ourselves as a local is lekker brand!  

Local environment inspires local designs

Being a lifestyle brand, extreme sports are at the core of the Rogz DNA. Both cofounders and many Rogz employees enjoy water sports like surfing, diving and kitesurfing. It is out of these sports enjoyed on local waters that inspiration strikes, and new products are developed and moulded for the pet industry.

It’s not enough to just design products, we need to test them too. After all, we are a safe and trusted brand.  The Rogz team tests products daily and sends products out on a weekend with our test pilots to get wet and dirty on the local beaches and mountains.

Kitesurfing played a big role in the development of  the AirTech Range.

Plethora of beautiful scenery to shoot Rogz videos

We take full advantage of the local beaches, mountains and forests to showcase our award-winning products in action for our Rogz roovies (movies) and photography. 

We are spoilt for choice when choosing locations for Rogz shoots

Local is truly lekker

Listen to what Rogz cofounders Irené Raubenheimer and Paul Fuller have to say about being a local is lekker brand.

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