What makes Rogz distinguish itself from other businesses in the pet industry? Some could say it’s the fact that we’ve been around for years. Others might argue that it’s the quality of our products. But it goes much deeper than just one factor at Rogz. 

The true value of Rogz lies in more than our award-winning products . We want you everyone to enjoy every touch point of our brand, and feel the uniqueness in our products and encounters with us.

Here are the ten things that make Rogz truly unique.

Proud heritage

Rogz cofounders, Paul Fuller and Irené Raubenheimer, have a shared passion for many things, including a mutual love of the outdoors. This shared passion has led them on many adventures across the globe, and ultimately, led to the foundation of Rogz in 1995. With headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa, Rogz has been making the coolest pet gear for over two decades.

To celebrate our 20th Rogz anniversary in 2015, we published a book called Rogz, The Journey. This book is a trip down memory lane and highlights special moments in our proud history. Download the book here.

Rogz cofounders, Paul Fuller and Irené Raubenheimer, with Mango and Reef

Safe and Trusted

We strive to design and produce the best quality and functional pet gear. All components and materials used in our pet gear undergo stringent tests to make sure that they are manufactured to the highest safety standards.

We first test our products in our top secret lab at Rogz HQ, using various methods to test everything from strength to colour. We then send the product out into the field with our test pilots, and they report back on everything from comfort, ease of use and overall product experience.

Our products undergo tests in the lab and field

Solution-based products

The Rogz Connect System is a retail category management system that makes merchandising in stores efficient and makes consumer purchasing decisions effective. The benefits of the Connect System are two-fold. For the retailer, this means a merchandising solution and understanding of the full Rogz product offering. For the pet parent, this means buying pet gear that fits perfectly, that suits the activity, and of course looks good!  

Rogz Connect System is an efficient merchandising solution for retailers

HQ in Cape Town, South Africa

Local is Lekker (Lekker is an Afrikaans word meaning “awesome”) is important to Rogz. We manufacture the majority of our products in our own factory at Rogz HQ to enhance quality, create supply-channel optimisation and reduce lead-times. 

Manufacturing in-house also allows us to focus on and move forward with ESG practices and it means each product has a distinct, unique Rogz DNA, setting it apart in the market.

Rogz World Headquarters

Global awards

Rogz has received numerous global awards over the past decade, helping us to not only set ourselves apart from the crowd, but also showcase our heritage, innovation and people. 

We are very proud of the local and international awards we have won, and that the credibility and quality of our products are being celebrated across the globe.

2021 World Branding Forum “Brand of the Year” Global award for Best Toy Brand in Animalis Awards Ceremony (Vienna, Austria)

Our vision

Our vision is to be the most enjoyed pet brand on planet earth and beyond! 

So what does this mean? It means that we will always stretch ourselves, setting the bar high so we continue to grow. 

As a global brand, we take brand satisfaction seriously. The true value of Rogz lies in more than the product. We want you to enjoy every touch point with our products.

We set the bar high and always strive to deliver the best

Rogz Academy

Rogz Academy is a non-profit organisation empowering local communities in the spirit of ubuntu through education, youth development and nutrition for a sustainable future together.

Rogz Academy was started in 2013 to create a culture of caring, being real, following passions and being An active part of positive change.  Fast-forward ten years and we continue to make a difference to those in our community.

Because there’s more to business than just doing business

Ongoing sustainability

We believe sustainability is a critical component of any successful business strategy and are proud to say that we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future for pet parents and the pets they love. From recycling to upcycling, from packaging to solar energy, we are committed to our continued ESG portfolio growth. 

In May 2022, Rogz became the first African company to join the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). This membership will help us formalise our ESG plan as we continue to get education, inspiration, and implementation support around sustainability.

Rogz is committed to changing our behaviour to improve our carbon footprint and energy efficiency, while also contributing to and uplifting our communities.

Rogz has installed 134 solar panels in its factory at Rogz HQ

International Brand

People and pets across the globe have been proudly, and safely, enjoying Rogz pet gear since 1995!

Rogz World Headquarters is based in Cape Town, South Africa. However, we distribute to over 90 countries across five continents around the world.

Rogz pet gear keeps tails wagging all over the world

Awesome customer experience 

At Rogz we believe in ACE, that’s Awesome Customer Experience. We not only want to meet our promises, we want to make them special.  

We value our relationships around the world and will go out of our way to ensure that we have great communication, on time and correct delivery of our Rogz-proud quality products, give customers excellent service and an easy way of doing business with us.

Some love from TimePet, our cuzzies in Australia

Stay tuned for more

We’re excited to share more about these ten unique differentiators with you! We’ll be shining a spotlight on each of these differentiators in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled as we share more about what makes Rogz special!

We’ll be posting these blogs on LinkedIn, so make sure you follow our LinkedIn page so you don’t miss out. 

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