Rogz Continues ESG Journey

The Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts of Rogz and Rogz Academy have been increasingly noticeable by distributors, retailers and customers alike. Being an active contributor to the community is an important part of the Rogz DNA. In an effort to contribute more to the global sustainability solution, Rogz has further stretched  its ESG portfolio by introducing solar power at Rogz HQ.

Rogz Gets Powered by Solar

Switching to solar energy has many environmental benefits and, in a South African context, will contribute significantly to the growing power supply problems of the country.

Rogz has installed 134 solar panels in its factory at Rogz HQ in Cape Town, South Africa. Each solar panel has a capacity of 545W and will be used primarily to power the factory facility. Early projections indicate that 60% of our current electricity usage in this facility will now be supplied by solar power.

 While we are in the early stages of this process, we are well underway to realising the full benefits of switching over to solar energy. One of these benefits is the ability to produce energy in excess. This means that the power generated by these solar panels and not used by our facility will be fed back into the South African electricity grid.

 The installation of solar panels will help us to not only play our part in reducing our own carbon footprint, but will also contribute to the energy supply of South Africans in our community.Other ESG Practices

Sustainability is not a new concept for Rogz. We have been actively changing the way we do business to ensure a brighter, cleaner future for all. Here are some of the other ways that we contribute to sustainability:

Rogz Urban Farm: The pavements outside Rogz HQ have been transformed into an urban vegetable garden, benefiting both the surrounding communities, as well as the bird and insect life.  make our own compost from all the organic material from the farm and park and put it back in the soil to grow the vegetables.

Vegetables growing outside Rogz HQ

Rogz Academy: A Non-Profit Organisation: Giving back to the community has always been at the heart of Rogz. The Rogz Academy was formed in 2013 as a dedicated arm to  empower local communities through education, youth development and nutrition.

Local is Lekker Supply Chain: With most products being designed and manufactured at Rogz HQ, our carbon footprint is being reduced in our local SA sales market. 

Packaging: We have reduced our plastic packaging usage by 60% over the past twelve months by using thinner plastic for our packaging. 

We have also partnered with a packaging print supplier who aligns with our sustainability outlook. Our packaging supplier uses an inline water base coating as part of a recyclable and sustainable printing solution.

Upcycling: We always look for innovative ways to dispose of our unwanted items. When it came time to dispose of old banners, we creatively turned them into laptop and tote bags for our Roggerz. 

Roggerz receiving upcycled laptop bags

Committed to ESG

In May, Rogz became the first African company to join the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). This membership will help us formalise our ESG plan as we continue to get education, inspiration, and implementation support around sustainability.

 ESG is at the core of our business strategy. Rogz is committed to changing our behaviour to improve our carbon footprint and energy efficiency, while also contributing to and uplifting our communities.

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