What it means to be a safe and trusted pet brand

They’re not just pets, they’re part of the family and they deserve the same level of quality as a human. Level of quality in the way they live, and level of quality in their pet gear. And you as a pet parent deserve to take your bestie out for an adventure knowing your bestie’s pet gear is secure. 

Your pet’s safety is our number one priority. The components and materials used to make our gear undergo strict tests. This means our products are manufactured to the highest quality, strength and safety standards. 

What is your role in being safe and trusted?

Rogz is a responsible, safe and trusted pet brand and we encourage pet parents to be responsible in their product choices.

Knowing your dog’s neck and girth measurements (and their weight) is vital in choosing the right size dog collar, dog harness and dog lead to keep your dog safe. Our size and weight guide is based on our components’ break strength. We have developed these guides to help Rogz to be a safe and trusted brand whilst keeping your fur bestie safe.

Not sure how to measure and weigh your dog? Watch this video and we’ll take you through a few simple steps to ensure you choose the correct size Rogz pet gear based on your dog’s measurements and weight.

Knowing what pet gear you need is another way to make sure you have a safe adventure with your bestie. We have a variety of dog harnesses and dog leads for every occasion. You can find the perfect dog harness for your adventure  here.

Now that you know your role in safe and trusted, let’s look at ours. We’ll unpack some of our quality and strength tests, so you get a better understanding of our safe and trusted methods.

Component strength test

Break strength refers to the point at which any section of a component will do just that, break. Our pet gear is mounted to a tensile test machine which applies force (or pulls) at a constant rate of 300mm per minute. The force increases until the component finally fails, where the peak strength is recorded and compared against requirements.

What does this mean for your bestie? Our pet gear is tested against the specified weight indicated on the packaging. If your bestie weighs 24kg and keeps pulling on a dog harness designed for a 10kg dog, it will more than likely break. It is important that you buy the correct pet gear based on your dog’s size and weight.   

Strength tests are measured against your dogs weight

Webbing discolouration test

Imagine buying your bestie a lovely green dog harness. Now imagine one month later and you’re left with what looks like a piece of seaweed crossed with spinach. 

Our dog harnesses, dog collars and dog leads are exposed to colourfastness tests that measure how well the colour will last when the pet gear is exposed to repeated wear while being used by your bestie. Plus, you’ll stay as bright as a light with your reflective stitching when it’s dark out. Our reflective pet gear and reflective stitching undergo the same strict tests and must meet the same safe and trusted criteria too. 

What does this mean for your bestie? We test the quality of the material used to make our pet gear, making sure that green dog harness stays green as your bestie goes about their day, rubbing, rolling, swimming and climbing.

Artificial sunlight discolouration and degradation test

Which dog doesn’t love a good adventure in the great outdoors? That means while your bestie is getting some fresh air, their pet gear is exposed to sunlight. That’s why we assess the effect of ultraviolet light on all our materials. These materials are exposed to two 15 Watt ultra violet lamps for 200 hours. This equates to pet gear being in continuous sunlight for six months!

What does this mean for your bestie? You and your bestie can enjoy your outdoor adventure and rest assured that your pet gear will last for months in the harsh sun.

Rogz pet gear is tested against continuous sunlight exposure

RogLoc buckle

If you have a bigger dog, you’ll know that they have a fair bit of strength in them. So, you might want a little extra reassurance that your bestie can’t break free out of their pet gear.

Our L, XL and XXL dog harnesses and dog collars are fitted with the RogLoc buckle to provide another layer of safety for your bestie. This lockable buckle provides added strength and durability to your pet gear.

What does this mean for your bestie? In one word, safety. We test the strength and durability of the RogLoc buckle using the tensile strength test mentioned earlier, so you can rest assured that your bestie is not breaking free of their pet gear.

Magnet buckle pull test

Dog collars don’t just stay on your dog. They get put on, then taken off. Then put it back on. Then taken back off. That’s a lot of opening and closing for the mechanism on your bestie’s dog collar.

Rogz safety collars are randomly selected to undergo a magnet buckle pull test. These dog collars are exposed to 100 000 “open/close” movements to ensure that the magnetic buckle is of the highest quality.

What does this mean for your bestie? This means you could essentially take off your bestie’s dog collar five times a day for 25 years before it loses functionality!

Rogz safety collars undergo thousands of “open/close” movements

We’re here to help

Still not sure which dog harness, dog collar or dog lead is right for you? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist with expert advice.  

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