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Most of our products have explanatory videos (via QR codes) on YouTube showing how products should be used and fitted which helps to connect our customers with their pets. Several of our product’s packaging comes with a diagram that explains how products should be used.

Must-haves for a new dog is a suitable collar / harness and lead and an ID tag, a warm, comfortable bed they can make their own, food and water bowls, lots of toys for chewing and playtime, a car restraint for trips to the vet or puppy school.

You can use the Rogz Utility Car-Safe Safety Belt Clip. It is designed to function with our Classic Harness to restrain your dog in one position in the vehicle and help prevent driver distraction. Strong components and webbing provide extra safety.

Our Rogz Utility Stop-Pull Harness is perfect for strong pullers as it provides additional control and helps with training. Gentle pressure applied via the soft, puff rope under your dog’s front legs during Stop-Pull action, aids in behaviour correction and halting your dog. A padded chest plate offers additional comfort and support while double reflective stitching provides night-time visibility. 

We have a Rogz Utility Handsfree lead designed with dual adjustability as both the waistband and lead length are adjustable to different lengths, offering great versatility. The shock absorbing webbing reduces strain on both you and your dog while the close control handle improves control in high traffic zones. Reflective stitching for night-time visibility provides safety in various conditions. Walk with your hands free safely!

We do not advise you to leave your dog wearing a harness all the time. Ideally, a dog is supposed to only wear a harness when going out for walks, training or for other activities outside when needed.

We recommend the Rogz Yumz Chew Toy as it is a versatile treat and chew toy with two treat cavities for added interaction. Gum massaging technology takes care of your dog’s dental hygiene, while its odd shape and rubbery material gives it an erratic bounce to keep your dog entertained. Watch how your dog is entertained whilst having his gums massaged.

Our philosophy is that dogs should preferably be walked on a harness and not on a collar. With a harness, the restriction and pressure is transferred from the neck to the chest and back, making it much safer and more comfortable. If the incorrect collar is used for walking, it can cause choking, especially in dogs who tend to jump – and in some cases, can even leave permanent damage to the dog’s windpipe.

Easy to fit, comfortability and a solution-based harness that will help you solve the need you have, for example a harness for everyday use, control behaviour, outdoor and adventure. 

You can get him the Rogz Slurp Bowl, as it is made from UV and corrosion resistant, non-toxic stainless steel with a non-skid silicone base to prevent slippage. Dishwasher-safe, this dog bowl is available in 3 bright colours and a variety of sizes to suit all breeds.

A dog collar is an essential pet gear that all dog-owners need to aid with behaviour correction and training or for everyday use. At Rogz, you will find a wide range of dog collars that tick all the boxes, whilst maintaining our safe and trusted standards.

We have so many great toys for this, but our Rogz famous Grinz Ball which is a bounce and fetch treat toy, gives added fun and reward. Soft enough to be gentle on your dog’s teeth, firm enough to bounce and floats in water. Fill the treat cavity with your dog’s favourite treat and most uniquely, throw the ball and watch for your dog to pick it up and see the “smile” in his mouth!


We cater for all shapes and sizes; we have developed a Size and Weight Guide to determine the right size for your dog. 

No, you only need a good fitting harness that won’t leave gaps or tug and ensure that the fit is not tight or loose by fitting two fingers firm between the harness and your dog. Rogz has a Size and Weight Guide which will help you choose the correct size harness no matter what breed of dog you own.

A well-fitting collar or harness is essential for your dog’s comfort and safety – and makes training a lot easier on you too! The easiest way to measure for the right size is using your dog’s weight as a guide. Check out our handy sizing guide on our website, you’ll see we’ve even got an interactive colour guide to help you pick a colour that looks great against your dog’s fur. We offer a comprehensive guide on how to measure and weigh your dog – please see here.

Use a two-finger method by fitting two fingers gently between the collar and the dog.

Our products are safe and trusted. All components and materials undergo stringent tests ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest quality, strength, and safety standards. Some of these quality checks include: 

  • Magnet buckle pull test
  • Component strength test
  • Webbing discolouration test
  • Sunlight discolouration and degradation test


Yes, we donate regularly to a variety of pet charities throughout South Africa. We also have established a non-profit organisation, Rogz Academy empowering local communities in the spirit of ubuntu through education, youth development and nutrition for a sustainable future together. We believe that there is more to business than just doing business.

We welcome all monetary donations for Rogz Academy to fulfil its promises to all its programmes. Funds are distributed from our Rogz Academy NPO bank account which is audited and checked every year. Visit our website for account details to EFT or scan the QR code to help us meet our target!

Get in touch with us on our website or social media pages for more information.

Yes, you can wash the collar in the washing machine or hand wash by using a detergent or a dishwasher liquid soap.


Rogz products are available from most vets, pet stores and large pet retailers globally. See our distribution list to find out where you can find our products.

We offer a selection of products for dogs and cats including collars, leads, harnesses, toys, beds, bowls, and accessories.

No, we design, manufacture, and distribute pet gear from our factories to over 90 countries. We have multiple distribution centres efficiently overseeing orders and deliveries to world markets. See our distribution list on our website to find out where you can find our products.

Yes, we offer solutions for various cat behaviours, lifestyles, and sizes. 

No, we do not currently sell dog food. 

Contact us on our website to enquire on how to become a distributor. 

We offer a vast selection of dog and cat toys that provide mental and physical stimulation, and really put the fun back in functional! We have dog toys great for dental hygiene and chewing, fetch games, comfort toys, and treat and puzzle toys to ensure your dog’s brain gets a workout too! We distribute Kong dog and cat toys in South Africa as well.