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Rogz dog leashes – lead the way!

A good quality lead is one of the most important dog accessories as it allows you to communicate appropriate behaviour and keep your fur bestie out of harm’s way when those curious noses cause them to wander!

Aside from allowing you and your best friend to explore the great Australian outdoors together safely, dog leashes can also be a valuable training tool. In the case of large or excitable dogs, the right dog lead can make a world of difference in correcting their behaviour and ultimately making the walking experience a joy for you both.

Read on to learn more about choosing the best leash for your sweetheart, how to select the right size, and more.

How do I choose the right lead for my dog?

At Rogz, we encourage our customers to choose a lead with four main considerations:

  • Function
  • Range
  • Size
  • Colour


Choosing the best lead for your dog starts with how you’re going to use it! A sophisticated sweetie who enjoys a brief daily stroll around the Centennial Park won’t need the same lead as captain adventure who likes to accompany their owners on long runs and hikes around the Blue Mountains.

A good starting point is asking yourself what problem you’re trying to solve. If your dog tends to pull and you’re trying to correct that, for example, a Rogz Control Lead will be your best option.

To help you decide, take a look at our handy dog lead function guide:

We have a variety of leads to suit your lifestyle – from classic everyday use to controlling behaviour, to multi-purpose and even leads for an active lifestyle or on the go.


Our Rogz dog leads are split into different ranges based on the material they’re made from.

  • Utility Range: Remarkably strong and deliberately durable making it the most popular range in Australia and globally. Made from traditional nylon webbing with highly reflective stitching that increases visibility, this functional range is suitable for day and night.
  • Fancy Dress Range: This range includes fashionable dress-up-and-go, head-turning designer gear. Rogz Fancy Dress Range features uniquely designed graphic ribbons stitched onto pure high-grade nylon webbing. Inspired by the latest trends in Australia and around the world, these originals are a must-have especially for those important and special occasions.
  • Rope Range: For the comfort of the dog-walker, the Rogz Rope Range is soft and round that is gentle on the hands and permits better manoeuvrability and easy grip. It features the same super bright and colourful nylon and reflective stitching to make sure your dog stands out in the dark.
  • Leather Range: Specially made for those seeking the timeless comfortable feel of 100% genuine leather. Rogz Leather Range is the ultimate accessory for your dog. It is both soft and comfortable yet strong and gentle on the hands.


Our components and materials undergo stringent strength tests. This ensures our products are manufactured to the weight(s) published in our size and weight guide. Make sure to get a lead that matches the weight range of your dog, so you know it’s up to the task.

Rogz dog leads are categorised into the following sizes:

Remember, all Rogz components and materials undergo rigorous testing to ensure they comply with the highest quality, strength, and safety standards – that’s our ‘safe and trusted’ promise!


Finally, it’s time to let your dog’s style and personality shine through! Check out our cool colour guide on the homepage to see which colours will compliment your best friend’s coat. If you walk your canine companion in the evening or early morning, we’d advise going for a bright colour with reflective stitching.

What is the difference between a dog leash and a dog lead?

There’s no real difference between a ‘lead’ and a ‘leash’! Professional dog trainers, groomers and handlers tend to use the word lead.

What dog lead is best for a dog that pulls?

If you’ve got a fur pal who gets a little too enthusiastic about walks, then we recommend that you invest into these options:

Rogz recommends the Control Lead:

This innovative lead features shock-absorbing webbing, which reduces strain on you and your dog to help prevent injury and has a soft neoprene handle that allows you to keep a firm but comfortable grip.

Another great element of this lead is the ShocLoc control feature, which allows you to disable shock-absorbing when you want close control.

Rogz recommends the Control-multi Lead:

This lead can be combined with a harness that has an additional front chest lead attachment, giving you two points of control instead of just one.

How do I manage pulling with two-point steering?

If you’re tired of getting dragged down the street, then a harness with a dual lead attachment is the perfect solution for better control and behaviour correction.

The additional contact point at the front of the harness gives you the ability to redirect your dog’s attention towards you when something distracts them.

Having contact with two parts of your pup’s harness also distributes force more evenly, so you have firmer control with less physical effort and strain on your part. This makes focusing on training a lot easier! You’ll have the most well-behaved dog in Australia in no time!

Is a collar or a harness better for walking my dog?

Walking a dog with an incorrect collar places a lot of strain on their neck and back. In small dogs, walking with a collar can even cause irreparable damage to the dog’s trachea – causing breathing difficulties for the rest of their life.

That’s why Rogz promotes walking with a harness and lead. Aside from being much safer for your dog, it’s also easier on you! Harnesses discourage pulling and jumping as the dog is more secure than they would be with just a collar.

Rogz quality dog leads worldwide

Safe, strong, durable and user-friendly, Rogz dog leashes are some of the best on the market. That’s why pet lovers all over the world have come to love our brand, and we know you (and your best friend!) will too.

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