Where can I
buy ROGz Pet Gear?

It’s so easy to get your hands on the world’s coolest pet gear.
We have stores around the world, both physical and online, that stock Rogz products. What are you waiting for? Find a store and get your fur child kitted out in the best pet gear.

Get it online

Not a big fan of queues? No problem. You can get your pet gear delivered straight to your door. You can find your Rogz pet gear at these online stores.

Get it In Store

It’s really easy. Put your address in the address bar below. Pick the kilometre radius that you are willing to travel and hit “Find in Store” button. All the stores near that you stock Rogz products will then be displayed.


If you’re still not finding what you are looking for, reach out to a distributor near you or contact Rogz HQ.