My Experience As A Rogz Model

Rogger Charity Chibwe is no stranger to being a Rogz Model, featuring in the stylish lifestyle shoot for the Urban Range. So it was no surprise when she was recently asked to be part of the AirTech Sport Harness shoot. But this time was different. Molly, her fur baby, was asked to tag along and be the real star of the show.

Here is how Charity found the experience. 

This is Charity’s Story

“Rogz is the most famous pet gear in the world. Everyone knows Rogz, it’s everywhere. So when my colleague Shav, who was heading up the photoshoot, told me that my fur baby, Molly, and I were going to be Rogz Models in the AirTech Sport Harness shoot, I thought “we’re going to be famous”.

You see, my job means I am always behind the scenes. I know the photoshoot process from a team support perspective. Not a lights, camera, action perspective! I have done a shoot before but this one was different. I had to come with Molly, which meant I had a bigger responsibility on the day. A responsibility that made me nervous. 

I love taking photos, so posing was not a challenge for me. I was more worried about Molly. I have seen how dogs are wrangled during shoots and I was worried whether Molly would cooperate. In panic, and a little bit of anxiety, I spent my evening ahead of the shoot prepping Molly. He is a good boy and well-trained but I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t get nervous or cause a scene in public. And if he did, I wanted to know how to calm him down and handle the situation. 

Molly is a night owl. He is always up late in the evenings and only wakes up around midday (what a nice life – sleeping all day and living rent free!). I tried to get him to bed early the night before the big shoot, but in typical dog fashion, he thought this was a game. To my surprise, when it was time to wake up and prepare for the shoot, he didn’t put up a fuss. It was as if he knew that a big adventure lay ahead of him, and he was ready for the challenge.

It was finally time for the big moment! No one receives VIP treatment like a Rogz Model. It is really top tier. From preparations before the shoot all the way to the end of the shoot, we were treated like stars. Molly did so well! He didn’t want to stop walking along the beach. I think it was because the treats kept coming. It was a beautiful experience, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

This experience made me realise that apart from being great fur besties, dogs can also be more and actually be real celebrities! I never thought Molly was cut out to be a star, but he was so good. I was so proud. This experience also sparked an idea of starting an Instagram account for him, and hopefully becoming a Rogz ambassador in the future!”

Thank you!

Thank you Charity and Molly for being our Rogz Models for the day!

We can’t wait for Molly to have his own Instagram account so we can follow all his wonderful adventures.

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