Keeping your AirTech gear clean

AirTech was made for the outdoors. It’s about exploring and getting those paws muddy. Sometimes, it’s about getting the whole body muddy. And with that comes a dirty dog harness, dog collar and dog lead. Even if your adventure is a little walk on the beach, your pet gear will need some looking after. The grainy sand and the salty air can impact your pet gear. 

Well-cared for pet gear is gear that lasts longer. So why wouldn’t you want to clean your besties gear and make sure that it is looking good, smelling fresh and lasting longer. Here are some tips to help you keep your AirTech pet gear in top shape.

Getting the dirt off

We know how you feel. You’ve just got home from a great adventure with your bestie. You’re tired and you don’t feel like cleaning. All you want to do is throw that dog harness and dog lead in the washing machine. But don’t do it!

Hand washing your AirTech pet gear will be the gentlest method of cleaning your bestie’s pet gear and will help increase its lifespan. 

Stick it in a bucket: Fill up a bucket (or bowl or basin) with some warm water. Put a few squirts of mild detergent in the water. You can even try using your dog’s shampoo instead of detergent. Mix it around and then put your bestie’s dog harness, dog lead and dog collar in for about twenty minutes. 

Get those stains: There might be some stubborn dirt that doesn’t want to come off. Gently wipe your pet gear with your hand or a cloth to help loosen up the hard dirt. You can use an old toothbrush to gently brush off dirt around the buckles of your AirTech Classic Collar, AirTech Sport Harness and AirTech Sport Belt. 

Rinse: Rinse your bestie’s pet gear off in some warm water. Gently squeeze the gear and then hang all the pet gear up to dry.

Hand wash your AirTech gear to keep it clean

Look after those carabiners

It’s not a bad idea to inspect the carabiners on the AirTech Sport Belt & Lead, AirTech Classic Lead or AirTech Multi Lead from time to time. Give it a quick look over when you take it off after every adventure. If it looks like it needs some TLC, then here are some tips on how to clean them:

Let it soak: Your carabiners will need to be soaked, which is perfect! Why? Because it will get a soak when you soak the whole dog lead as shared above. 

Gently scrub: Time to use that old toothbrush again! Gently scrub around the gate, rivets and springs. Don’t scrub too hard, just hard enough to loosen the built up dirt. 

Dry it off: You can use a hairdryer (set on cool) to dry your carabiners off.

Oil it up: Once your carabiners are completely dry, it’s time to oil up. Use some lubricate like Q20 on the gate, spring and lock area. Don’t use too much and make sure you wipe off any excess lubricant with a cloth. 

Keep your carabiners clean and strong

Keeping it clean

It probably won’t stay clean, but at least you’ve given it a good clean! You might not need to clean your pet gear after every adventure, but it’s not a bad idea to give it a good clean once a month. Cleaning isn’t always about getting the dirt off, it’s about maintaining and preserving. 

So, get those buckets out and start soaking and scrubbing! Don’t forget to take some snaps of your cleaning fun and share it with us. Tag us on social media and use the #KeepingAirTechFresh.

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