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An essential pet gear that all Australian dog-owners need is a suitable dog collar, and there are many factors that you must consider when making your choice including function, material, size and colour.
At Rogz, you will find a wide range of dog collars that tick all the boxes, whilst maintaining our safe and trusted standards. Read on to find out more about our range of superb dog collars!

Choosing the Perfect Dog Collar for Your Pet

As a dog owner, one of the items you will need for your pet is a collar. When it comes to choosing the perfect dog collar, there are a few key things that you need to keep in mind to help you make the right choice.

Functional purpose

Different dog collars provide different solutions depending on the need of the owner and more importantly, of your dog. There are two main functions of a collar, either classic (products which are easy to use every day) or control (products which help with behaviour correction and training).


As an example, the same classic dog collar is provided in different ranges, each range made from a different material dependent on your needs, wants and preferences


Knowing your dog’s neck measurements and its weight is vital to choose the right size collar to keep your dog safe. This is also important for the comfort levels as you want something that is going to keep your canine companion happy and not cause any discomfort or pain.


Choosing pet gear colours that look good on your dog’s coat or expresses your mood and dog’s personality is fun for you and your best furry friend. You can choose a colour that you think looks cool on your dog’s coat or a contrasting colour to stand out from the crowd and be seen. Head to the colour guide on our Homepage to see which colour will make their coat pop. Colours can also bring balance to certain environments and situations.

Additional features

One additional consideration is the additional features of the collars you are considering. For instance, some might be padded or come with a chain.

Taking the above factors into account will make it easier for you to make the perfect choice!

Our Classic Collar Options

At Rogz, you can benefit from a wide range of dog collar options, which makes it far easier to find the perfect one for your pet. Some of the top products that we offer are:

Rogz Utility Classic Collar

Rogz Utility Range is remarkably strong and deliberately durable making it the most popular range in Australia and globally. Made from traditional nylon webbing with highly reflective stitching that increases visibility, this functional Utility Classic Collar is suitable for day and night.

Rogz Leather Classic Collar

Robust and durable, the Leather Classic Collar is a perfect choice if you want longevity and great quality. You can choose from a great selection of colours, and your pet can look forward to high levels of comfort from this 100% Genuine Leather collar.

Rogz Utility Classic Collar Padded

If you want something with added comfort and support for your pet, the Padded Classic Collar could be a great choice. These come with a breathable pad that helps to reduce pressure on the neck area, which means a far happier friend.

Our Control Collar Options

Rogz Utility Control Collar Web

This is a great option for training and behaviour correction, and it can help to provide increased control thanks to gentle and safe pressure when the lead is pulled. The Utility Control Collar also comes with a range of security features to boost safety for your pet.

Rogz Utility Control Collar Chain

The Utility Control Collar Chain is a perfect tool for behaviour correction and training. It uses gentle pressure along with sound and vibration from the chain to help you with training your pet.

Rogz Rope Control Collar

Featuring the same super bright and colourful nylon and reflective stitching to make sure your dog stands out in the dark, the Rope Control Collar is a good choice for behaviour correction and training. This applies gentle pressure if your dog pulls while on the lead, which makes it a very effective training aid.

Rogz Utility Safety Collar

These collars are designed to provide your pet with a means of easy escape in the event of an emergency. The Utility Safety collar is ideal for everyday use, and it boasts safety features to reduce the risk of injury to your pooch.

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