Which AirTech pet gear should you buy?

Not every adventure looks the same. Nor should it! For some, a walk around the block being cheered on by every dog you meet is enough of an adrenaline rush. Some prefer a stroll on the beach while others prefer running on the beach. Then there are those who opt for the more extreme and head out to the mountains and trails for a bit of off-road fun. 

No matter what an adventure looks like to you and your fur bestie, you need the right pet gear to make the most of it.

Whatever it is, do it in style

Beauty is everywhere in nature, all you have to do is look around and you will see breathtaking colours and forms . The AirTech Range was designed with this in mind. Yes, it is functionally sound, created in line with safe and trusted practices that have made Rogz the brand it is today. But it was also created to have visual appeal fit for those outdoor adventures.

From the pitch black night sky to those beautiful shades of the sunset, here are the colours that inspired the AirTech Range.

NightSky Black: The sun has set and when you look up at the sky, there is nothing but darkness. This is because the dark night sky is free of interference from light. This colour is perfect for those who want to perform with sophistication, elegance and power.

Rock Red: Rock red is a symbol of strength and power. This colour will motivate you to conquer your adventure with passion and confidence.

Platinum Grey: Not all adventures are enjoyed in the sunshine. Sometimes, the grey clouds and looming weather make adventures more memorable. Grey is the colour of compromise and intellect, perfect for those who relish their adventures with dignity and accomplishment.

Sunset Pink: Nature often elicits feelings of calm and serenity. This is particularly true when it comes to sunset. There is something soothing about the soft glowing sun going down. This colour will calm you as you soak in the beauty of the setting sun.

Burnt Ochre: Ochre is the perfect symbolism for life, just like nature. Nothing makes you feel more alive than being outside inhaling fresh air. This is an ideal colour for those who burst with energy and warmth in nature. 

The five colours in AirTech Range are inspired by nature

It comes down to the activity

Now that you know you will look the part, here are some activities you can enjoy with your AirTech pet gear.

Enjoy a walk at sunrise or sunset with your fur bestie around the neighbourhood, or a casual stroll along the beach. This is a great activity for the whole family to join in on. Speaking of family, exploring parks or taking part in a park run are other great adventures for everyone to join in on. Why not drag the whole family along for an easy hike on the weekend too.

If you prefer spending time in nature alone with your bestie, then not to worry. There are plenty of adventures for you to enjoy as well. AirTech pet gear is perfect for those long distance runs and trail running excursions. Heading into the mountains to do some mountain running and mountain trails is a great way to spend some time with your bestie. 

Let’s face it, the AirTech Range looks so good that you will want to show it off everywhere. Nobody is judging you if you use the gear while road tripping and exploring town (and shopping!). If you just want to turn heads on your daily walks, then AirTech is definitely for you. 

Whatever your adventure preference, make sure you snap a picture. Whether it’s on the mountain top, at the finish line of park run or splashing on the beach, capture those memories (and don’t forget to tag us on social #RogzAirTechDogz).

There are a number of outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your bestie


Australia’s most well-known animal welfare advocates and canine experts, Lara Shannon had this to say after attending the annual Adventure Dog Challenge held in Gruyere, Victoria.

Lara stated, “This year, a group of AirTech runners tackled the course [filled with mud, hills and hurdles] in their AirTech gear, proving that this adventure gear does, in fact, make any adventure a breeze!”

Lara Shannon at the Adventure Dog 4km Event (Source: @poochesatplay)

But how do I know which pet gear to buy?

Now that we’ve covered some of the adventures that you and your bestie can enjoy together, let’s get down to the pet gear you might need. From the Airtech Sport Harness to the AirTech Sport Belt & Lead, to the AirTech Classic Collar and AirTech Classic Lead, there is something in this range for every adventurous spirit. 

Download the AirTech quiz and find out which pet gear you need!

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