Choosing a harness that suits your needs

Heading out on an adventure with your bestie is more than just clipping them up and walking out the door. It’s knowing that they will be comfortable. It’s knowing that they will be safe. 

That’s why making sure that your bestie has the right dog harness for their adventure is important. It is crucial to your bestie’s comfort, and choosing a dog harness based on function means they can enjoy their activity safely. 

Let’s take a look at some of our dog harnesses and what they are best used for.

Classic Harness for Everyday Use

The Classic Harness is an oldie but a goodie. It’s practical and  perfect to use for any activity. It’s fully adjustable and easy to get on and off your bestie. The Classic Harness is available in the AlpinistFancy Dress, and Utility Range.

Best used for: The classic dog harness is your go-to harness for everyday activities. A quick walk around the park, trip to the vet, stroll on the beach or coffee run with the crew, our Classic Harness can be used for any activity.

The Rogz Utility Classic Harness is practical for everyday use

Harness For Behaviour Control

The Behaviour Control dog harness is great to use when you need to correct your besties behaviour, or when they are in training. If you have a big boisterous dog, our Rogz Utility Control Harness with its padded chest plate will ensure your dog’s comfort while giving you the additional control you need on those adventures.

And if your bestie is overly excitable, trying to pull you from one bush to the next, our Rogz Utility Stop-Pull Harness is perfect for you. The soft puff-rope, padded chest plate and multi-lead attachment will help you modify your run-away trains Behaviour.

Best used for: If your bestie has a mind of their own and needs a little more effort to control, then our Behaviour Control dog harnesses are perfect for you. 

The Rogz Utility Stop-Pull Harness helps correct behavioural issues

Outdoor Active Lifestyle

No explanation needed here. If you and your bestie love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors, then our Utility Explore Harness is what you need. It features two lead attachments for easy steering in tricky situations, and a support handle to help your bestie over obstacles.  

Best used for: The Explore Harness is rugged, strong and durable. It’s perfect for those mountain, forest and off-road adventures. Choosing the right gear for an adventure is so important. Get more tips on how to pick the correct hiking gear for your dog so both you and your bestie can enjoy your adventure!

The Rogz Utility Explore Harness is perfect for adventures in nature

On-The-Go Harness

We get it. You’ve got a lot of balls in the air and you need to get things done quickly. Our On-The-Go dog harnesses are perfect for the pet parent with a busy lifestyle. 

If your bestie gets super excited at the thought of going for a walk, they wiggle about and make it difficult to get their gear on. Our Utility Step-In Harness goes on in a flash, so you’re ready to get going in no time.  

Our Rogz Utility Fast Fit Dog Harness has a streamlined boomerang shape that makes it very easy to get on and off.  If you need an easy on, easy off dog harness but have a fashion-conscious smaller dog, our Rogz Urban Fast-Fit Adjustable Harness or Fashion Comfy Harness will delight their little canine heart!

Best used for: If you live in a fast-paced world and need a dog harness that is easy to get on and off, then this is for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out for a walk, going to the shops or running errands, then our On-The-Go harnesses are perfect if you need to get things done with a bit of urgency.

Keep on-the-go with Rogz Utility Fast Fit Harness

We’re Here To Help!

If you still can’t quite figure out which dog harness best suits your needs, not to worry. You can check out our blog ‘How do I know which harness is best for my dog?’ for more tips and advice when it comes to picking out a dog harness for your bestie. 

If you still need an opinion on which dog harness is best, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist with expert advice!

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