“Rogz is a lifestyle brand with active sport part of our DNA, particularly in the sea. Irené and I have always had a passion for sea sports and have a strong connection to NSRI with support and respect for the work they do. We wish more individuals, companies and the Government would support this amazing service!”

Paul Fuller, co-founder of Rogz

A little background on NSRI

The National Sea Rescue Institute was established in 1967 in South Africa. Simon’s Town teacher Patti Price wrote an impassioned letter for the establishment of sea rescue after a tragic event in Still Bay where seventeen fishermen lost their lives. She campaigned successfully and is recognised as the founder of the NSRI. Station 10’s Simon’s Town base is named in her honour. NSRI rescue stations are manned by over 1350 unpaid volunteers who are on call 24/7, ready to respond to water-related emergencies. Visit the NSRI website to read more about all the amazing work that they are doing to keep South Africans safe in the water.

The NSRI are always ready to deal with water-related emergencies

What the NSRI means to Rogz cofounders

Rogz pet gear co-founders, Irené Raubenheimer and Paul Fuller, have always had a passion for the ocean. As teenagers, both men found the sea to be a place of happiness and upliftment. In their twenties, they both skippered yachts, sailing around the world, discovering new skills and levels of bravery, while having a lot of fun. As time passed, they settled down in Cape Town, married and began families, but their love for the ocean continued with both enjoying sea sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. They still actively participate in these sports today, even though both are now in their fifties, proving that age is just a number.  

Love of sea sport inspired new products

Their passion for playing in the ocean also inspired them to focus on sports related pet gear, with Rogz being recognised for its bright outdoor and natural coloured materials, and being guided by safe and trusted manufacturing practices. 

Rogz test pilot Zak having fun with his Rogz LightHouse Fetch Toy in Sunset Beach

In particular, the Rogz LightHouse Fetch Toy  is specifically designed to be used in the ocean with hours of entertainment for dog and owner! At present, Rogz is about to unveil a brand new range of sporty pet gear which was inspired by their passion for kitesurfing. 

Many Roggerz enjoying the sea in safety

Roggerz enjoying their time at the sea

There are over 200 Roggerz working at Rogz HQ in Cape Town, and many enjoy the beautiful beaches and ocean in and around Cape Town. Whether it’s swimming, SUPPing, kitesurfing or surfing, fun days on the beach with the family are made possible with the knowledge that the NSRI is there to take care of them. 

Huge gratitude to NSRI from Rogz pet gear

Rogz pet gear would like to send a big SHOUTOUT and HUGE THANKS to everyone involved in sea rescue and we will continue to support NSRI with annual donations. In addition, many Roggerz continue donating monthly to the NSRI  in their personal capacity, and hope that more companies and individuals will join in assisting with funding. 

Because there is more to business than just doing business.

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