Rogz recently launched its Nova Range in beds. Named after a Supernova, a powerful and luminous explosion of a star, we wanted your fur bestie to have the best sleep in the galaxy with an explosion of dreams.

Having their own snug warm dog bed gives your dog the feeling of security and belonging and we know that is what every pet parent wants. 

Rogz Nova Range comes in a range of earthy colours and is available in two forms, Walled Bed and Cave Bed. Both dog beds in this range are designed with soft fabrics for comfort, and double-stitched seams for durability. This range is perfect for any dog to snuggle in comfort.


Did you know that just like humans, dogs have their own preferred sleeping style? Some like to curl up, some like to stretch out, and some prefer to ‘lounge’ with their limbs in all directions! No matter the style, Rogz has a dog bed that will hit your bestie’s comfort spot.

If your dog likes to curl up and lean against something, then the Nova Walled Bed is your perfect fit.  The Nova Walled Bed has cushioning around the edges that will give your bestie some support. 

If your bestie is a snuggler, then the Nova Cave Bed is the dog bed you want! It provides the ultimate hide-out dog bed for dogs who love to burrow and get themselves extra comfy!

Rogz Nova Range is available as a Walled Bed or Cave Bed

Colours That Fit Like a Glove

Inspired by natural, earthy tones, the Nova Range will fit seamlessly into any household. Why not choose a colour that complements your furniture, floors or décor. 

If blending in isn’t really your thing, pick your favourite colour and let it pop in your home! Either way, these soft colours will look good in any room of any home!

The Nova Range is available in five earthy tones


We know that a good, healthy pup loves to run around outside. More often than not, they run straight into their bed… muddy paws and all. The Nova Walled Bed was designed with that in mind.

The Nova Walled Bed has a removable cover that is machine washable. The inside cushions are easy to slip out and put back in. You never have to worry about the hassle of cleaning a dirty dog bed again!

Sustainable Snoozing at its Best

Sustainable snoozing… that’s what we like to call it. We’re taking one small step towards a more sustainable future. Sleep soundly knowing you’ve done your bit with our dog beds!

Rogz dog beds are produced locally in our factory at HQ in Cape Town. The Nova Range is no different. Not only are they produced locally, they are filled sustainably using a versatile recyclable plastic called Polyethylene Terephthalate (P.E.T.).

Plastic bottles are cleaned, recycled and turned into a soft filler. Our Nova dog beds are produced using this 100% recycled filler for durable, soft and comfortable beds for your bestie. 

And not to worry about P.E.T. and your bestie. P.E.T. is:

  • Globally recognised as 100% safe and 100% recyclable
  • Used as safe packaging or filler material for food and non-food products
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Is 100% recyclable into the same P.E.T. products (fibre and bottles)
Sleep soundly knowing you’re contributing to sustainability

Getting Your Bestie Used to Their Bed

Most dogs will dive straight into their new dog bed. But some dogs might take some convincing. The best way to get your bestie to take to its new bed is to make it smell familiar.

Pop one of your old T-shirts, your fur bestie’s favourite blanket or a dog toy in there. Reward them with praise and a treat as they start to warm up to their new bed. 

Make sure to start off by putting the dog bed in a familiar space. If the dog bed is in a happy, safe place, then your fur bestie will take to it like a duck to water!


Rogz dog beds (commonly known as podz) and other products are available from most vets, pet stores and large pet retailers globally. Find a stockist near you here and make your dog’s ‘sweet dreams’ come true!

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