play your part this national recycling day

National Recycling Day is celebrated on 17 September in South Africa. The aim of this day is to raise awareness about the issue and encourage people to take action.

South Africans, and people across the globe, are familiar with the call to recycle their waste. Recycling can be a part of everyday life, and a little effort goes a long way in making a difference. Rogz fans, distributors and suppliers are noticing the work that is being done by Rogz and Rogz Academy, so not only do Rogz pet gear products have intrinsic value, more importantly, the message of caring, kindness, active citizenship and being a part of the solution is finding a place in more and more people’s hearts.

Actively recycling is in the Rogz DNA

Rogz has always played its part in recycling efforts, both in manufacturing and disposal of materials. Rogz has reduced the thickness of packaging for its bed range. The header cards used for harnesses, leads, collars and toys are now recyclable and have been replaced with a similar more environmentally friendly ink. 

Where possible, Rogz uses recycled material to make products. Rogz beds, produced locally in our factory, are filled using 100% safe, recycled plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are cleaned, recycled and turned into a soft Polyethylene Terephthalate (P.E.T) filler for durable, soft and comfortable beds for your pets. Both you and your pets will sleep soundly knowing you made the right choice to save our planet.

Here are a few additional recycling projects that Rogz is active in:

Boxes: All inbound usable boxes are re-used for outward distribution in South Africa. Any unusable excess boxes are recycled.

Food compost: If you walk around Rogz HQ, you are likely to see some blue compost buckets in the kitchens. Roggerz recycle all their food scraps into these buckets, including banana peels, apple cores and tea bags. This compost is then used in the Rogz Urban Farm.

Old banners: Over the years, Rogz has used many pull-up banners. When the time came to get rid of some of these, we got creative. Influence Clothing happily helped us turn these banners into laptops bags and tote bags. Roggerz in HQ received these as gifts this National Recycling Day!

Old Rogz banners turned into laptop bags and tote bags

How you can make a difference

You can play your part and make a difference through small changes in your recycling behaviour. Check out some of the tips below and try out some of these techniques at home. 

Separate. Separate. Separate. Try keeping a separate bin in your home for all your recyclable materials. Most recycling plants separate the materials for you, so you can put all your glass, paper, cardboard, foil and plastic together in one bin. If you have the space in your house, you can have dedicated crates for glass, paper, cans and plastics. 

Compost. You’re paying for the whole fruit or vegetable, so you may as well make all of it work for you. Churning the kitchen scraps back into your garden not only provides great nutrients for your plants but also saves space in landfills.

Keep a separate bin for all your recyclable materials

We want to hear from you

Sustainability is an ongoing process and Rogz is determined to make more changes to help our planet. We feel we have made a great start in the right direction. Because Rogz is loved around the world, this message of making a difference is having a global impact, as we believe there is more to business than just doing business.

We want to know how you recycle. Share your tips with us on social media using the hashtag #RogzRecycles.

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