For the love of pink

Pink is not just a colour, it’s a culture. And this is what inspired Rogz to introduce pink into the company in 2006. Rogz knew it needed to inject the feminine side, to represent the softer side of our fur besties. 

Not only do humans love a bit of pink, dogs look so good with pink. There is nothing cuter than watching your bestie play gently (or not so gently) with a pink dog toy. Rogz has so many cute pink dog toys that your bestie will love! Your bestie doesn’t only look good playing with pink dog toys, they also look good with pink on their fur coats.

Whether it’s a dog harness, dog collar or dog lead, Rogz has pink pet gear that will look great on your fur bestie. Colour is no good without function though. Let’s have a look at some of the ranges available in pink, and what activity they are best used for.

Rogz is available in variety of pink ranges for every need

Spend time outdoors with Rogz AirTech Range

Rogz AirTech Range is a lightweight, sporty range made with the ultimate adventurer in mind. If you and your bestie enjoy long adventures in nature and spending time outdoors, then this one’s for you.  The AirTech Range is full of innovative pet gear which includes a Sport Harness, Sport Belt & Lead and UltraLite Lead.

A great adventure is never complete without coming across some shades of pink. Rogz AirTech is available in Sunset Pink, inspired by the soft glowing sun going down.

Rogz AirTech: Pink style and the outdoors

Scream style in the Rogz Urban Range

This range was designed to make you and your bestie stand out. This sophisticated range is available in a soothing pastel Pink Blush complete with rose gold trims. Rogz Urban pet gear range is available in a Fast-Fit Adjustable Harness, Classic Lead and Classic Collar.

If you enjoy taking your bestie shopping, let your bestie tag along when grabbing a coffee, or just want to make a statement while out and about around town, then this is for you!

Turn heads in the Rogz Urban Range

Practicality with the Rogz Utility Range

It’s strong. It’s durable. It’s the most popular range worldwide. And for good reason. This functional range is practical and easy to use, and it is perfect for you and your bestie to use on everyday activities. The Utility Range has highly reflective stitching that increases visibility, making it perfect for day and night activities.  Not only is the Utility Range perfect for everyday, anytime use, it’s perfect for different functions. 

If your bestie is a bit of a puller and you need a dog harness that helps behaviour correction, then the Utility Control Harness or Utility Stop-Pull Harness is what you need. The Utility Explore Harness is perfect if you and your bestie live an active lifestyle. 

All pet gear in the Utility Range is available in a beautiful shade of pink, so you can look stylish while you go about your daily business. 

No-fuss, everyday pet gear with the Utility Range

Show your personality with the Rogz Fashion Range

Why not make a fashion statement and let your bestie show off their unique personality. Rogz Fashion Range was designed for small dogs and the range shows off African safari inspired prints. This range is perfect if you and your bestie like to turn heads while you run those errands. 

This pet gear range is available in a Fashion Comfy Harness, Classic Lead and Classic Collar. Rogz Fashion Range is available in pink Wild Hearts print, perfect for the small dog who likes to follow their own path in life.

Rogz Fashion Range for the fashion-forward small dog

Strut your stuff in Rogz Fancy Dress

“Pretty in Pink” takes on a whole new meaning with Rogz Fancy Dress Pink Paws. These original classics encapsulate the feminine aspect of life and will have your bestie strutting

her stuff on the promenade. The Fancy Dress range is available in a Classic Harness, Classic Lead, Control Multi-Lead and Classic Collar

This practical range is perfect for everyday activities like a quick walk around the block, a trip to the vet or just popping down to the store.

Pretty in Rogz Fancy Dress Pink Paws

A pop of pink with the Rogz Alpinist Range

Rogz Alpinist Range is a classic. And classics never go out of style. It was one of the first ranges introduced and named after a climber of high mountains, and is perfect for the no-fuss adventurous dog. This pet gear range is available in a Classic Harness, Classic Lead, Multi-Lead and Classic Collar.

You and your bestie will stand out with a pop of pink while out enjoying an evening run, early morning walk on the trails or exploring new parks.

Wear the classics with Rogz Alpinist Range

Find the perfect pet gear

Still a bit confused? Don’t worry. We will guide you through picking the right pet gear for your bestie. We have a wide variety of dog harnesses, dog collars and dog leads, and you will find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

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