Pick the correct hiking gear for your dog!

Taking timeout for an energizing hike with your dog is fun when you know what to use! Rogz gives you tips on which pet gear is the best solution so that you can both be safe whilst spending quality time together in Nature.

Size and weight guide for correct fitting dog gear

Just like you would not wear shoes that are too big because you would trip on the mountain, the same logic applies with your dog gear! Before leaving home to buy your favourite Rogz pet gear, make sure you know the neck and girth measurements as well as the weight of your dog. It is actually really important to have your dog’s weight, neck and girth measurements so that you choose the correct size for comfort and most importantly, safety.

Neck and girth measurements

Measure its neck by gently looping the measuring tape around your dog’s neck, ensuring there is a two-finger gap for a comfortable fit.

Girth is the largest part of your dog’s chest, usually 1-2” from the front paws. Once again measure girth by gently looping measuring tape around your dog’s girth, ensuring there is a two-finger gap for a comfortable fit.


If your dog is light enough for you to hold, climb on the scale with him to record your collective weight, then stand on the scale alone to record your weight. Subtract your weight from the collective weight and you will have your dog’s weight.

If your dog is very heavy, perhaps it would be best to take a quick visit to your nearest vet and they will weigh him on their special dog scale for free.

Choose the correct pet gear for your adventure

Hike or Nature adventure pet gear check list solutions for your dog:

  1. Rogz Utility Explore Harness
  2. Rogz Utility Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip
  3. Rogz Control-Multi Lead or Rogz Control Lead

Let’s delve into when to use which gear:

1. Rogz Utility Explore Harness

First fit your dog with a Rogz Explore Harness. This harness is perfect for hiking, featuring padded plates for protection against foreign objects as well as providing support comfort. The support handle helps you get your dog into and out of the car, and over obstacles when you are on your hike. Click here to see more features on this harness.

2. Rogz Utility Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip

Always use the Rogz Car-Safe Seat Belt Clip while you transport your dog in the car and it must please only be clipped onto a harness, never just a collar! Just like you need to strap in, so does your pet for both your safety! Never, ever, use this clip with just a collar! (I am repeating myself on purpose!) It has a nifty handle to steer your dog to the car, then an adjustable short lead which clips into the seat belt of your car. There is only one size because it is fully adjustable.

Please note:

  • Do not use with a collar
  • Do not use with Rogz Utility Stop-Pull Harness
  • Not suitable for use in Volvo brand vehicles.

3. Rogz Control-Multi Lead or Rogz Control Lead

Although you all want to run wild and free as soon as you arrive, safety is also important so clip on a lead before you embark on your exciting adventure to avoid that accidental dig into a snake hole or fall from the cliff to check out the waterfall.

The Rogz Control-Multi Lead is a versatile, adjustable lead providing short, medium and long adjustment points, two dog walking, a temporary post tie and a shoulder wrap-around. Strong components and webbing with highly reflective stitching enhance visibility and safety while a waste bag and accessory holder provide additional convenience. Alternatively, use the Rogz Control Lead as the shock absorbing bungee allows a little bit of freedom and reduces the pull load on your shoulder, whilst keeping control. It even features a lock-out system in case you want to maintain control without the reaction of the bungee, mimicking the function of our Classic Lead. There is waste bag holder for your dog’s poop bags, because we don’t want to leave any smelly gifts on your hike for others to walk in!

Go explore, explore, explore!

Right, thanks to Rogz, your pet gear is now ready for you to have an exciting but safe hike with your dog in the best place to unwind, Mother Nature!

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