Why use a handsfree dog lead?

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The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is one of those products in life that you never knew you needed. Until you try it and ask, ‘where have you been all my life?”

Using a handsfree dog lead frees up your hands. That’s great. But there is so much more to it than just free hands. You and your bestie will be transported to a different realm of walking experience using the handsfree dog lead.

Reasons you need it

The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is worn around the waist. This means your waist is absorbing the shock that you would normally experience in your wrists, neck and arms if you were using a handheld dog lead. Essentially, the force that your bestie exerts on you is absorbed evenly across your core, not your tendons, ligaments and joints. 

In a nutshell: Using Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead reduces your chance of injury that usually occurs when using a handheld dog lead.

The adjustable sliders on the Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead means it doubles as a handheld dog lead and handsfree dog lead. Walking in the park? Why not go handsfree. Walking on a busy pavement? Perhaps handheld is best.

When you decide to go the handsfree route, your walking experience will be so much better. With the Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead around your waist you can enjoy the complete freedom of movement of your body. More importantly, your bestie is able to get a more intensive workout and a sense of freedom while still being tethered. And don’t stress about those sticky situations. There’s a close control handle that allows you to rein in your bestie to avoid traffic or whatever else comes your way.

In a nutshell: You get complete freedom of your arms and hands while your bestie gets to enjoy the feeling of being off lead.

Enjoy the freedom of your hands while your dog enjoys the feeling of being free

Choosing the right one

The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is fully adjustable and can fit most waist sizes. The full length of our handsfree dog lead is 2.1m. The more adjustment you use for your waist however, the shorter the lead will become. The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead comes in three sizes. These three sizes relate to the weight of your bestie. All three sizes are 2.1m in length, so the real question of which handsfree dog lead to buy, lies in knowing how heavy your bestie is.

Why is weight important? Well it comes down to the fact that our components and materials undergo very strict strength tests. If your bestie weighs 24kg and you buy a dog lead for a 10kg dog, odds are your bestie will eventually break the components on that dog lead because it simply isn’t designed to hold 14kg above its specified weight.

Once you know what size handsfree dog lead you need, you can pick the colour you want your bestie to have. The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is available in five colours; black, pink, dayglo, blue and red.

In a nutshell:  Rogz isn’t just the most enjoyed pet gear on planet earth and beyond. We’re a safe and trusted brand. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive Size and Weight Guide to guide you in choosing the right gear for your bestie.

Our Size and Weight Guide will help you pick the right handsfree dog lead

Gear Tips

The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is compatible with the Rogz Classic Harness, the Rogz Explore Harness and the Rogz Control Harness

It is important to note that the Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is not compatible with our Utility Stop-Pull Harness.  This harness is used for training and behaviour correction, and using a bungee style lead that compresses and releases will not help you manage your bestie. The Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead should only be used if you have full control over your bestie.

Still not sure?

Get in touch with our team and we will help you determine if the Rogz Utility Handsfree Lead is the right fit for you.

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