What beats dining out at a trendy urban restaurant? Dining at a pet friendly restaurant of course! Is there anything better than being able to share the joy of dining out with your fur bestie? It’s good for your soul and it’s the perfect mood booster for both you and your dog. 

Being a proudly South African company based in Cape Town, we thought we would share some pet friendly restaurants close to home and some tips on dining out with your bestie.

Hit some pet friendly restaurants in Cape Town

With so many pet friendly restaurants in Cape Town, we thought we would share a few with you. We asked our staff to share a few of their favourite spots in Cape Town. 

The Hart, Melkbosstrand: This casual indoor and outdoor restaurant has a great sea view, and is situated in Melkbosstrand on the West Coast. Dogs on lead are welcome in the outdoor area, and Rogz water bowls are proudly filled with fresh drinking water.

Simple Bru Coffee Co. Melkbosstrand: This laid-back trendy restaurant is located next to The Hart, and has wonderful sea views. Your bestie needs to be well-behaved to go here. Rogz Bubble Bowls filled with fresh drinking water are also found at this restaurant.

The Surf Café, Table View: This cute, small coffee shop has an indoor and outdoor area that is welcoming of you and your fur bestie.  This is a perfect spot for those who want to chill and enjoy the surf vibe.

FoodBarn, Noodhoek: This trendy restaurant offers the finest cuisine! It has a grassy outdoor area where your bestie can play, stocked with some water and of course treats!

Masimo’s, Hout Bay: This cosy pizzeria has a pizza named after the owner’s border collie, Luna. Everytime you order a Luna pizza, R10 is donated to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG). Your bestie can wait outside as you grab some food, or can join you inside if they are well-behaved.

Lighthouse Café, Simon’s Town: Enjoy this light and airy inviting restaurant with your bestie by your side.  

Olympia Café, Kalk Bay: This little café on Kalk Bay’s main drag is perfectly situated for a bite to eat and drink after a walk along the beach with your bestie. 

Maria’s Greek Café and Restaurant, Gardens: This little traditional Greek taverna is perfect if your bestie is social. Dogs are allowed to mingle freely with other diners!

Southey’s Family Bistro, Somerset West: This is a perfect place to take your bestie if you’re dining out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your bestie can play in the children area outside the restaurant, provided they are children-friendly. 

Forester’s Arms, Newlands: This is a great spot if you’re a sports lover. This bar has a lovely outside area where your bestie can play. Children also play in the outside area, so make sure your bestie is okay around little ones!  

Nothing beats dining out with your bestie by your side

The right pet gear for the occasion: As a responsible pet parent, it’s always wise to have the right pet gear on you when you take your fur bestie out and about, to a park or restaurant. You never know what uncomfortable situations might pop up so it’s best to be prepared. Make sure your bestie is always identifiable with a dog collar and ID Tag. Having a dog harness and a dog lead to control your bestie whenever you need to, like getting to and from the car. Speaking of the car, make sure your bestie is properly secure in the car when you are travelling. The last thing you need is the distraction of your bestie climbing all over you when you’re trying to drive. The Rogz Utility Car-Safe Safety Belt Clip will help keep your bestie still so you can concentrate on the road. 

If it hits the ground, it does not go to the hound

It’s always tempting to give your bestie some of your delicious coffee and chocolate croissant. When you take your bestie out for a dining experience, it is very important to be mindful of what they are eating. 

Chocolate needs to be avoided in all forms! A general list of foods to avoid giving your dog: Chocolate, grapes and raisins, garlic and onions, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, fruits with pits, any nuts especially macadamia nuts. 

There are plenty of common restaurant foods that can be healthy for your bestie. Some of these include apples without seeds or core, blueberries and strawberries, watermelon without seeds, frozen banana, green beans, carrots, cooked sweet potato and spinach. You can use your judgement when deciding how much of a tit-bit to give your bestie, but don’t overdo it.  

Make sure you think of your bestie before giving them food

The right pet gear for the occasion: If you’re taking your bestie out and about, you need to make sure they have access to fresh water. While some pet friendly restaurants may provide fresh water for your bestie, it’s always best to carry your own dog bowl to make sure your bestie can have a drink when they need one. 

Let’s show pet friendly restaurants some love

We’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg here! We want to hear about all the pet friendly restaurants that our Rogz Dogz visit across the globe. Post a picture on social media of your bestie at the restaurant (and tag them!), and use the #RogzUrbanDining. Let’s show some love to the restaurants that embrace our fur besties!

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