The Dreams And Reality Of YeBoneer Zikhona Madikwa

The 2023 YearBeyond (Yebo) youth programme team has been chosen through a vigorous interview process. Forty-two young adults from the under-resourced communities of Dunoon and Joe Slovo near Rogz HQ now look forward to being trained and mentored through the Rogz Academy and Boost Africa Foundation.

Zikhona Madikwa, a 2023 YeBoneer, sat down with Roggerz Charity and Annie at Rogz HQ and shared her story, through both writing and interview. Although Zikhona’s home language is isiXhosa, she has shared her story in English, and we are humbled to share her exact words. This is Zikhona’s story.

My Dreams and the Reality

“Dreams delayed and reality kicked in. My name is Zikhona Madikwa, 24 years of age, I grew up in Atlantis, Cape Town. This is my little story of how I went through hardships, great storms and navigated on blind faith all in the hope to achieve my dreams, but then reality struck and I had to prove myself over and over again.

If someone had come up to me and told me that at the age of 24 years, I would still be stuck and looking for my breakthrough, I would have never believed them. From very young, I have always dreamt of finishing my studies and becoming a teacher. One thing I have always and still am passionate about, is becoming an educator.

I finished my matric in 2017. I was so happy that year because I knew I had taken a step closer to my dreams, but then challenges and struggles came flooding my way. Matric passed, got accepted at tertiary, no funding and I did not have registration money. Coming from a family that does not have a good financial background is the hardest, but I still did not give up. I took that gap year and I think that was the worst decision because after that I sidelined my dreams and focused more on working and having money. It became gap year after gap year.

In 2019, I decided to try something else and went to register in College, did my 18 months of theory and I had to also do an in-service training in order to get a Business Administration Diploma. But still life didn’t favour me because I am still looking for an internship, I haven’t gotten any luck.

It’s 2023 and I am now deciding to pick myself up, dust off and follow my dream. We fail, we rise and we keep going. I quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”.

Zikhona on first day at Rogz HQ

Why did I decide to join the YearBeyond Programme

“I found out about the YearBeyond programme on Facebook when people were sharing a recent post. A friend also had told me about the programme and advised me to apply. When I heard that the programme provides meaningful experience and a pathway to further studies, and it also serves the community, I applied because I thought that this would be a great opportunity to uplift myself.

I have always dreamt of being an educator and working with children. Helping children and being able to guide them and support them through part of their school journey soothes my heart and makes me happy.

Being a part of the YearBeyond programme is a great opportunity for myself and I believe that it is going to be an opening of new hope, new dreams and a lot of self growth and development.”

My first week as a YeBoneer: expectations vs reality

“My first week as a YeBoneer was a week of delight, enjoyment, learning and making new relations. I enjoyed the week of orientation – I did not think that it would be that fun and I would be able to blend in with my teammates, as I am a person who is shy and scared of being around new faces. During that week, I had learnt more about the YearBeyond programme and understood it better.

I didn’t have much expectations but I was blown away when I was at the Orientation. YearBeyond is a huge programme. The facilitators knew their story and they were welcoming. The week was fun and exciting and we worked as a team together and got along so well. I know it is still early but I believe it will be a great team of YeBoneers this year!”

In her own words

Zikhona sat down with Charity and shared her story through an interview. Take a look.

Thank you Zikhona!

We want to say a big thank you to Zikhona for allowing us to share her story. We have no doubt that you will go far in chasing all your dreams!

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