The BusinessCom Rogz Fleet

BusinessCom opened its doors in Switzerland in 1999. They had the vision of combining fashionable trends with a variety of outdoor sporting activities into high-quality gear for the Swiss pet market.  

Over the years, BusinessCom has gone from strength to strength. They have regularly outgrown their premises, and in 2017 moved to their new office and warehouse space of over 12 000m2 in Burgdorf. In 2020, their new Biglen warehouse (21 000 m2) became operational and most recently in 2023, new offices in Bern.

BusinessCom’s growth is not limited to space. They have also expanded their product range, offering only top, internationally recognised labels, including their own private label brands. Their partnership with Qualipet, the biggest retail group (with over 90 stores) in the Swiss market, has allowed them to become the biggest and most important distributor in Switzerland. The company has continued to evolve through innovation by introducing technology to its business practices. With an online presence growing at the speed of light, a new automated order picking machine installed at their Burgdorf facility will further enhance their position and allow them to process over 1 000 orders per day!

Rogz goes to Switzerland

Being a lifestyle brand, sports, and in particular water sports, is often at the core of Rogz’ product development. Rogz is well-known for manufacturing high-quality pet gear in line with its safe and trusted principles. With the two companies’ values so closely aligned, this was a partnership bound to succeed from the start.

 BusinessCom became a distributor of Rogz pet gear in 2000, bringing Rogz to Europe and the Swiss market for the first time. By becoming associated with the Rogz brand, BusinessCom has managed to establish themselves as specialist distributors in active, fashionable and high-quality accessories for mainly dogs and cats. 

Living the Rogz brand

The relationship between BusinessCom and Rogz has grown very strong over the years – to the extent that BusinessCom considers Rogz to be a part of their own DNA. This was a big part of the reason that BusinessCom decided to brand  fourteen company cars with Rogz logos.

The cars were branded so that BusinessCom would stand out on the streets of Switzerland, and they are now known as “the Rogz people”.

BusinessCom parks the cars outside stores when they visit their business partners for added exposure. The branded Rogz fleet is also used as a shuttle to transport business partners around Switzerland. Employees can book a car out if needed as well.

The BusinessCom fleet of Rogz branded cars can regularly be seen on the streets of Switzerland

Committed to the future

If we needed any more proof that Rogz is part of the BusinessCom DNA, then here it is! Jürg Fuhrer recently celebrated a milestone birthday and requested that his friends and family contribute towards the Rogz Academy as his birthday gift.

We are excited to have been on this journey with BusinessCom over the past twenty-two years and watched as both brands have grown to new heights. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for both our companies!

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