Rogz fans, distributors and suppliers are noticing the sustainability efforts of Rogz and Rogz Academy. Not only do Rogz pet gear products have intrinsic value, more importantly, the message of caring, kindness, active citizenship and being a part of a global solution is finding a place in more and more people’s hearts.

Let’s have a look at some of the sustainability areas that we focus on.


Rogz has transformed the pavements in the Rogz HQ business park into a thriving urban vegetable garden. Vegetables are planted seasonally and tended to every day by our dedicated Urban Farmers.

Organic farm practices

Organic practices are used in our Urban Farm, with no toxic pesticides being used. Natural repellents are used to maintain the garden so that bees, insects and birds can make their home amongst the spinach, leeks, onions, rosemary, tomatoes, peaches, figs, sweet potatoes and sunflowers.

There are six water tanks around Rogz HQ which collects rainwater. This water is used to irrigate the vegetable garden, along with the wellpoint water.

Blue compost buckets can be found in the kitchens at Rogz HQ. This is used to collect all food scraps, including banana peels, apple cores and tea bags. This compost is then used in the Rogz Urban Farm.

Rogz Academy farmers, David, John and Eddie at the urban garden

Harvesting for good nutrition and reuse

Herbs, fruit trees and vegetables are harvested weekly for Roggerz and donated to school soup kitchens in the nearby Dunoon township. Good nutrition positively impacts young minds. Learning on an empty stomach impacts concentration and memroy, and healthy meals result in a better education and quality of life for all.

The impact of the Rogz Urban Farm speaks for itself, with surrounding factories now turning their pavements into vegetable gardens, creating a bigger, better environment.

Robyn, David and John distributing vegetables to local schools


Rogz cofounders Paul and Irené have successfully led Rogz into an award-winning pet gear brand. At the same time, they have embraced a win-win ethos of giving back to the community which was formalised into Rogz Academy, their non-profit organisation in 2013.

Many Roggerz dedicate time and skills to help Rogz Academy, with a dedicated team at the core. Together with key partners like the Western Cape Government, Platinum Partners and various key support, this non-profit is empowering local communities in the spirit of Ubuntu through education, youth development and nutrition.

Supporting the education crisis

Quality education is a big challenge in South Africa, with most under-resourced schools struggling to educate all their learners sufficiently to achieve matric passes. Over the years, Rogz Academy has had many projects to help make a difference in this focus area. Right now, although the children can learn in their home language (there are 12 languages in South Africa) until Grade 2, it is a requirement to continue only in English from Grade 3. This is very challenging for the learners and teachers. Rogz Academy assists by empowering locally-based post-school leavers to go back to their schools and help teach the young learners literacy and numeracy in English.

Sophakama Primary School learners learning numeracy and literacy

Youth Development Solution

Unemployment in South Africa is presently at 36%. The Western Cape Government’s YearBeyond programme provides 18 to 25-year-olds with a meaningful work experience and a pathway to further studies or work while at the same time encouraging a culture of active citizenship and volunteerism. Rogz Academy runs this incredible programme in nearby Dunoon township, assisting volunteers to teach Grade 3s and 4s, as well as participating in Self Development sessions, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and building confidence.

The experience of tutoring helps the YeBoneers to be active citizens through doing meaningful work and helping their communities. Some graduates from the YeBo programme have also been employed by Rogz pet gear to work in various departments, as well as Rogz Academy interns, and Rogz assists in finding them jobs in other organisations.

YeBoneers at mentoring sessions at Rogz HQ


Local is Lekker (lekker is an Afrikaans word meaning “awesome”) is important to Rogz. Most products are designed and manufactured at Rogz HQ in Cape Town. In this way, our heritage is celebrated and our carbon footprint is reduced in our local SA sales market.

Our stock items per box is maximised thereby reducing freighting volume which reduces carbon emissions from transport. Less shipments are being unpacked from original packaging simply to be consolidated with other items in new packages destined to the next stop on the supply chain. More local raw materials are being sourced which do not require the heavy packaging as for imported materials.

Rogz’ heritage


Where possible, Rogz is trying to use recycled material. The header cards for dog collars, dog leads and dog harnesses as well as dog toys are now recyclable as the plastic coating has been replaced with a similar more environmentally friendly ink.


Our dog and cat beds, produced locally in our factory, are filled using 100% safe, recycled plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are cleaned, recycled and turned into a soft Polyethylene Terephthalate (P.E.T) filler for durable, soft and comfortable beds for your pets. Both you and your pets will sleep soundly knowing you made the right choice to save our planet.

The P.E.T recycling process

Other recycling efforts

There are office recycling bins for any plastic and paper office waste. All inbound usable boxes are re-used for outward distribution in South Africa. Any unusable excess boxes are recycled.

Pet Sustainability Coalition

As of May 2022, Rogz joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) and we are proud to be the first African company to do so, joining more than 200 members worldwide that includes suppliers, brands, retailers, distributors and producers.

Our membership with PSC delivers education, inspiration, and implementation support that will help us formalise our sustainability plan within Rogz.

Global issues matter to Roggerz, both as employees and as consumers. As we begin to set out our sustainable goals we will be nominating and involving more and more Roggerz to help us execute on our plan.

Graham and Irené with Anne Klein, Director of Member Services of PSC


Sustainability is an ongoing process and Rogz is determined to make more changes to help our planet. We feel we have made a great start in the right direction.

Because Rogz is loved around the world, this message of making a difference, is having a global impact, as we believe there is more to business than just doing business.

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