This is a story of inspiration, overcoming challenges, and choosing to be positive. It is a story of why we, the Rogz Academy Team, will continue to work hard to empower our local communities and make a difference!

Selecting Asiphe as the 2022 Intern

Asiphe Sicatsha was appointed as a Rogz Academy Intern at the beginning of 2022.  In 2021, she was a YeBoneer, part of the Western Cape’s YearBeyond (Yebo) youth programme with Rogz Academy. She displayed the values and behaviour that was needed for this role.  The recruitment process, managed by Programme Managers Louise and Callie, confirmed this, and she was selected as the best candidate.

Responsibilities as Rogz Academy Intern

Asiphe was responsible for managing two schools – Sophakama Primary and Dunoon Primary. This meant ensuring YeBoneers are supporting educators in the morning with literacy and numeracy, reading with learners and implementing the after school programme.  The focus was to assist Gr 3 and 4 learners with Maths and English, by creating a safe and fun environment for learning.  A big component of her responsibilities included administrative duties.

Performing admin duties at Rogz HQ 

Growth through the Internship 

Asiphe has a calm, mature way of dealing with situations. She pays attention to detail and this helped her perform her administrative duties.  Her areas of development focussed on facilitation skills,  as well as project management.  She was well respected by the 2022 YeBoneers and they formed very good relationships.  Part of her development plan included coaching sessions.  She really enjoyed these sessions and it helped her to step out of her comfort zone.

Her positive attitude helped her to overcome challenges.  Health issues sometimes made it difficult to always be present, but Asiphe tackled this head-on.

Handing out fresh apples and Education leaflets at Rogz’s 27th Birthday celebrations

Reflections by Asiphe Sicatsha

“What a wonderful journey! Being chosen as the Rogz Academy intern was very exciting! I was willing to learn and get more work experience. I got to grow mentally and professionally. Exciting as it was, there were some challenges. Going to school in the morning and being there the whole day was tiring. Working with Excel was especially challenging! However, these challenges never stopped me from doing the best I could. 

My highlight was having a life coach. It was also getting to be a part of the great team and I think I made a difference in learners as I saw them improving with their reading. Being a big sister to YeBoneers was a blessing. Giving them my support and providing help when they needed some as well as guiding them. I want to continue to learn and get knowledge as I want to further my studies. I have decided I want to be a teacher in order to make change and support learners in making their own progress in life. I am very grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the Rogz Academy.”

Teaching learners in schools with numeracy and literacy

Looking Forward to the Future 

Asiphe’s experience with Rogz Academy has helped in deciding that she wants to study Education in 2023.  We believe Asiphe will be a huge asset as an educator and we wish her all the best for the future! 

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