Pet gear that goes against the tide 

When you head out on an adventure, you make sure you have the proper equipment. Whether it’s comfortable shoes, that snug fitting hydration pack, or those sturdy hiking poles, the right equipment is make or break when it comes to the adventure enjoyment factor. The same can be said for pet gear. 

Having pet gear that enhances the outdoor experience for both adventurer and fur companion is important. From lightweight materials to noise free components, the Rogz AirTech Range takes adventure pet gear to another level.

Materials and design

Is there anything more annoying than the clinging of metal  when you’re out trying to enjoy the serenity that nature brings? And when it comes time to let your fur companion run free, having a lead that’s bulky and difficult to stow away is not ideal. Here are some of the important factors that the AirTech Range was built around.

Freedom of movement

When it’s time for an adventure with your bestie, you want a smooth outing. The AirTech Sport Belt & Lead and AirTech Sport Harness were designed to offer just this. The front of the AirTech Sport Belt has a belay loop and the AirTech Sport Harness has a belay loop across the back. The lead has a carabiner on either side that connects the Belt and Harness. The carabiners move freely across both belay loops during any activity, allowing both human and dog to move more freely from each other.

Offers supreme comfort

The AirTech Range was manufactured using fabric that has been engineered. The range was created with soft, smooth rounded edges and a diamond mesh. This means that the dog leads in the range are very soft and comfortable to hold. The AirTech Classic Lead has a padded handle and unique shape which makes it very comfortable to hold. 

Easy to stow away

If you’re out on a long adventure with your fur companion, odds are that there will be some off lead time involved. When you unclip that dog lead and let your bestie run free, it can be annoying to hold a chunky dog lead. The AirTech UltraLite Lead is made with lightweight materials and trims which includes a Helium Tether, making it compact and easy to store in your pocket.  

Noise free

The AirTech range has no metal on metal, meaning it is noise free. This will allow you and your fur bestie to enjoy all the sounds of nature while out and about. 

AirTech Range enhances the outdoor experience through careful manufacturing

Ideas from the oceans

The products in the AirTech range were heavily influenced by concepts taken from the kitesurfing industry. While this might seem odd to some, these concepts perfectly complement pet gear by adding additional safety and strength features for outdoor adventures. 

AirTech Sport Belt & Lead

 This product consists of a sport belt and a dog lead. The sport belt is connected to the dog harness using a lead, so both owner and dog can run while connected. While this is exciting and has many benefits, you could be faced with a situation where you need to be separated immediately from your dog. Using concepts from kitesurfing, the safety emergency toggle was developed. 

This emergency toggle releases the dog from the human with one quick pull. The belay loop on the AirTech Sport Belt will pop open and the carabiner of the dog lead will slide off, immediately separating dog and human in any emergency. 

AirTech UltraLite Lead

The AirTech UltraLite Lead is unique because it uses a Helium Tether to connect to a dog harness in place of a snap hook. The Helium Tether is made from high modulus polyethylene, with a wax-like coating that makes it stiff, slip resistant and damage resistant.

The Helium Tether is extremely lightweight and  can safely withhold a significant pull force, making it an ideal connector on a dog lead.

Kitesurfing concepts were used as inspiration in AirTech design

Function complemented by design

Visual appeal is not compromised when it comes to the AirTech Range, with each product being aesthetically pleasing. The AirTech Range is available in five colours that beautifully complements the colours you will find in nature. These include NightSky Black, Rock Red, Platinum Grey, Sunset Pink and Burnt Ochre. 

AirTech is available in five colours inspired by nature

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