Show your dog some love this Pet Appreciation Week

Can you imagine life without your fur bestie? For many of you, it’s difficult to imagine a world where your companion, protector and confidant isn’t by your side. With Pet Appreciation Week upon us, we wanted to take some time and think about how you can show your bestie some extra love.

Here are a few ways that you can show your bestie just how much you appreciate them – as if you needed more excuses to lavish your pet with love!

Take your dog on a road trip

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Pop your bestie in the car and take them for a dog walk in the mountains or on the beach. They will love the new smells! Plus, the excitement of the adventure and spending time with you will make your fur child beyond thankful. 

We’ve got you covered: Use the Rogz Utility Car-Safe Safety Belt Clip while travelling with your bestie to make sure they’re safe and secure in the car. We’ve got a wide variety of dog harnesses and dog leads for every occasion. Try out our Rogz Utility Explore Harness for a more technical mountain walk, or our Rogz Utility Classic Harness for a stroll on the beach.

Keep your bestie safe and secure while travelling

Buy your bestie a new dog toy

There is no such thing as too many toys! Walking through the door with a dog toy in hand is a guaranteed way to get that tail wagging. The great thing about a new dog toy is that you can either join in the fun and play with your bestie, or watch them as they entertain themselves.

We’ve got you covered: If you want to spend some quality time with your bestie and join in the games, then the Rogz Scrubz Dental Rope Toy will bring you hours of bonding fun. If you need your bestie to entertain themselves, then the Rogz Gumz Chew Ball is right up your alley!

New toys are a great way to spoil your bestie

Be there for your bestie

More than anything else, be there for your bestie. They love spending time with you, no matter walking, playing or just cuddling. 

So for this Pet Appreciation Week, let’s focus on showing our besties just how much we appreciate them. Take your bestie for a walk, play a game with them, or just give them a good cuddle and thank them for being a loving and devoted companion.

How do you plan on showering your bestie with love this Pet Appreciation Week? Share your stories with us on social media and tag us using #RogzPetAppreciation.

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