Loving your bestie the right way

We’re all familiar with the five love languages. It’s the way you express your love for someone, and how you like to be loved in return. But did you know this concept could be applied to your relationship with your fur bestie? You read right! Your fur bestie has a love language.

Dog’s give you unconditional love and they’re your best friend, right? But just like every relationship, it needs nurturing. Understanding your bestie will help you make the most of your relationship with them, in a way that means something to them.

Let’s take a look at the five love languages and how you can show your bestie you love them.

Physical touch

This one is pretty straight forward! If your bestie likes to be hugged and cuddled, go for it. Let them snuggle up next to you on the couch when you binge watch your favourite series. Belly rubs and lots of scratching is a favourite with your bestie.

Show them some love. If your bestie isn’t a fan of those close cuddles, you can show them you love them by buying them the best dog bed. You can make sure your bestie has the most comfortable place to sleep by getting them a Rogz Lekka Flat Bed or a Rogz Indoor Flat Bed, perfect for those non-cuddling dogs.

Words of affirmation

If your dog is rather vocal, and loves to howl, bark and whine, then they enjoy words of affirmation. Your bestie lights up when they receive verbal praise from you or they hear you happily say their name. Make sure you talk to your bestie and use a happy high-pitched tone to show them you love them.

Show them some love. The Rogz Tumbler Treat Dispenser Toy is a great dog toy for stimulating and exercising your bestie’s mind, and gives you plenty of opportunities to praise them while they nudge away at the dog toy.

Show your bestie you love them by cuddling them


If your bestie loves bringing you gifts then they will love receiving gifts. Granted, the dead bird and messy stick are not typically gifts you would like, but your bestie is showing you how much you mean to them. Show your bestie you love them back by returning the favour. Except replace the dead bird with a dog toy and messy stick with treats.

Show them some love. You cannot go wrong here. Giving a gift to your bestie can take so many forms. A new dog toy. A new dog bed. A nice run or walk in the best dog harness and dog lead. The sky’s the limit.

Quality time

Quality time can look different from dog to dog. It can also look different for that same dog day to day. It can take a number of forms, and cross over with other love languages like physical touch or giving. Try letting your bestie nudge you into what they want to do. Are they bringing you a toy? Are they looking up at their lead? Try to let your bestie determine what quality time will look like for them on that day.

Show them some love. Playing with your bestie is one way to spend quality time with your bestie. A dog toy adds so much to game time. The Rogz Scrubz Dental Rope Toy is perfect for a game of tug-o-war, and the Rogz RFO Fetch Flying Toy is a classic for a simple game of fetch.

Spend quality time with your bestie

Acts of service

Some dogs enjoy their own company and don’t mind doing their own thing. This type of dog is happy just to have a warm bed and some food. You can show your bestie you love them unconditionally by feeding them, giving them water, providing them with medical care, giving them exercise and giving them a warm, safe space to sleep.

Show them some love. A dog bowl for fresh water and food every day is a given. A dog collar and ID tag is a must. A dog bed and place to sleep is also important. Make sure your bestie always has water with our Rogz Slurp Stainless Steel Bowl. We also have a wide range of dog collars and ID tags to make sure your dog is always identifiable.

What does your pet like?

Not sure which love language your bestie has? Take our quiz and try to figure out the best way to show your bestie some love. We want to know what your dogs’ love language is. Share your results with us in the comments below, or tag us on social media and use the #RogzDogsLove.

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