Getting to know Rogz Academy Mentor Asithandile Matshanga

Rogz Academy welcomed new 2023 Academy Mentor, Asithandile Matshanga, in January. Asi was the successful candidate after an intense interviewing process at the end of 2022. “It was important that the right person was employed, someone who had good administrative skills but more importantly, had the charisma and understanding to mentor our youth on the YearBeyond programme,” says Louise Retief, Rogz Academy Programme Manager.  

Asi’s Rogz Academy role

This year, there are 42 YearBeyond youth (YeBoneers) from the under-resourced communities of Dunoon and Joe Slovo near Rogz HQ. Thus far, they have finished their orientation and training under the mentorship of Asi, which they are enjoying!

The YeBoneers are helping struggling Grade 3 and Grade 4 learners with after school programmes in numeracy and literacy. The YeBoneers have also begun their self-development Friday sessions with Rogz Academy and Boost Africa Foundation teams, learning about various ways to build their confidence and be resilient and hopeful.

More about Asi

Asi chatted to Roggerz, Charity and Annie at Rogz HQ to share more about herself.

Where did you grow up and where did you go to High School?

“I am a South African – I was born and raised in Cape Town. I went to Mfuleni High School which is a government school in Kuils River near Khayelitsha in Cape Town.”

From B.Ed graduate to Rogz Academy mentor

What did you have planned for life after school and what did you actually do?

“I was not sure what I wanted to study after my final year at High School. I applied at TSIBA Business School in Woodstock which is an accredited higher education institution, where I completed my higher Certificate in Business Administration for a year. 

The following year, in 2018, I applied to be a YeBoneer at AVA (Action Volunteers Africa) which illustrates volunteering as a key to unlocking the future potential of youth. The AVA experience equipped us volunteers with the confidence, skills, experience and networks we need to actively engage in building a better South Africa. That was when I discovered myself and things became clearer. I completed the 10 month YeBo youth programme and immediately after that I applied at CPUT for a Bachelor of Education degree from 2019-2022. 

I am proud to say I have just graduated with my B.Ed degree!”

Why did you apply to be the Rogz Academy Mentor?

“Last year after I wrote my last exam, I had mixed emotions because my time of serving was about to begin and I did not want to add to the list of unemployed graduates. I decided that I wanted to make a difference to others out there who are in the same or similar situation as the one I had been in a few years back. Someone gave me an opportunity to discover myself and now I want to give others the same opportunity.”

How have your first three months at Rogz Academy been?

“Everyday is different from the other. I had all four seasons in three months! It is a great experience that I have never read about. My life is touched by different people in so many ways. I have learned great things and there is so much growth in the process.”

Asi in action with the YearBeyond youth

Tell us about those special YeBoneer letters you received?

“I am so grateful. I needed to hear all those kind words. To know how much others appreciate my presence. It came as a positive affirmation that I was doing a good thing. Everyone went straight to my heart.

Letters for Asi with special messages from YeBoneer’s


We wish Asi all the best for role as Rogz Academy Mentor 2023 and believe that she has already and will continue to add much value to our team as we continue to empower our youth and make a difference in so many young lives.

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