Rogz pet gear supports Earth Hour 2022! As part of our focus on sustainability, and connecting with your pets, we would like to promote an awareness of the issues facing our planet Earth, by helping you with some fun ideas with your pet. It’s a great time to turn off distractions, bond with your pet, and show your commitment to helping the environment.

What & WHen is Earth Hour?

In 2007, the WWF organization, also known as World Wildlife Fund and World Wide Fund for Nature, started a worldwide movement that encouraged businesses and communities to turn off their lights for one hour to promote awareness of the issues facing our home, planet Earth.

Earth Hour is at 8:30 pm on the last Saturday of March, every year. Supporters in over 190 countries participate to raise awareness of the issues facing our planet.  But Earth Hour is more than just an hour for Earth – it’s a movement for our own futures, for the benefit of people, because without a healthy planet, we have no home.

Connecting with your pets

Show your commitment to helping the environment by switching off all electronics and lights and get in touch with your 5 senses – creating a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with your pets. With no outside distractions, you can focus on giving your furbaby undivided attention for an hour – using sight, sound, smell, taste and touch senses.

1. Sight – play night games

Did you know that dogs have a super sense of sight in the dark? If you are living in South Africa, it will be almost dark at 8.30pm. Prepare in the afternoon by removing any obstacles in your back garden – old toys, doggypoop, newly-dug holes. Then have your selection of Rogz dog fetch toys ready – and once the lights are off, enjoy a fun time of “night fetch”! Use the illuminated RogLite Saftey Light Tag on his collar if he can’t find his toy hidden in the basil plant. Think about how you can use more solar-powered lights instead of electricity, like solar lamps and solar torches!

2. Sound – bedtime stories are the best

As Earth Hour begins, light your fire, grab a cushion, your favourite book and your furbaby. Everyone loves bedtime stories! Read aloud whichever book you have, your kitty (or pup!) will not mind what you are reading her as she will be loving the rhythm of your voice, and the love that she will feel from being together. Talk to them about adventures that you want to have, choosing to travel locally to avoid CO2 emissions and avoiding climate change!

3. Smell – your garden is alive

Get a Rogz treat toy, put a nice crisp carrot inside dipped in a little dog-friendly peanut butter and give to your fur bestie whilst you nibble on your own favourite crudités with a dip. Crush some mint or basil to enhance the smell and let him have a sniff. Close your eyes and imagine your own home vegetable garden and think about how much better it is for the planet to eat seasonal, locally-grown food. Vegetables and herbs make beautiful flowers which provide pollen for bees to use to make honey and pollinate other plants which provide oxygen and help sustain a cleaner planet.

4. Taste – enjoying fresh water responsibly

Fill your pup’s Rogz water bowl with fresh water, and pour yourself a big glass of water. Savour the wonderful taste of natural water whilst contemplating how to be water-smart like taking shorter showers and turning off the tap quickly. Think about how you can help our plastic crisis by using fewer plastic water bottles, or at least recycling more if you do use them. Did you know that Rogz uses recycled PET bottles for the filler in some of the locally made Rogz dog beds, like Rogz Moon Cushioned Bed?

5. Touch – cuddle and meditate

Perhaps you have had a challenging day, and so has your fur bestie. Find a comfortable place to sit and cuddle up together. You don’t have to hum and get into a Zen position, just enjoy the silence and take some deep breaths, whilst gently stroking your feline friend or canine companion. This will relieve tension and lower blood pressure, for both of you! Pets are very sensitive to touch – use this time to reflect on supporting conservation and avoiding places that abuse animals.

GO BEYOND THE HOUR click here to read 10 simple yet impactful ways you can go beyond the one Earth Hour to shape a brighter future for people and our planet. Rogz commits to finding more ways to support sustainability and going green.

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