Cats and the outdoors

For some cats, the outside world looks like a pretty cool place to be. The birds are chirping. The squirrels are running. The fresh air. There is so much on the other side of the window. It’s no wonder some indoor cats dream of being outdoor cats. 

Not all cats dream of the outdoors though. If your cat is happy to sleep and play indoors, leave them be. But if your feline friend keeps sneaking out the door at any given opportunity, then they might be trying to tell you that they want to spend some time outdoors. 

Here are a few tips for those cats who want to head into the great outdoors. 

Benefits of spending time outdoors

A moving cat is a healthy cat. So naturally the biggest advantage of an outdoor cat is physical activity. Outdoor cats spend their days roaming and exploring. They may even do a bit of running and climbing. And an active cat is a healthy cat. 

If your feline friend explores the outdoors, then they are also more likely to engage in and satisfy their instinctive behaviours like scratching as well. The outdoors will also allow them the freedom to indulge their natural curiosity and experience new smells, sights and tastes.

Your feline friend will engage all senses while outside

Gearing up for the outdoors

If your cat does want to explore the outdoors, there are many ways to make sure your feline friend does so safely.

Cat Harness: If you are a bit nervous about letting your feline friend wander around the backyard unsupervised, you can try a cat harness and lead. A cat harness and lead are the safest way to get your cat out into the outside world. The Rogz AlleyCat Classic Harness and Lead Set will give you peace of mind as your feline friend explores the outdoors with you by their side.

A cat harness and lead will keep your cat safe outside

Cat Collar: A cat collar is never a bad idea. Cat collars are a great way to make sure your feline friend is identifiable if they do wander off. A breakaway cat collar is a safe option for a roaming cat. The Rogz AlleyCat Safety Release Collar has a breakaway safety buckle that will break open under pressure. This will allow your feline friend to safely escape the cat collar if they do get caught on something while out exploring. 

Ensure your cat is identifiable with a cat collar

Do you have an outdoor cat?

We want to hear from you! What does your cat like to get up to when they spend time outdoors? Share your stories with us in the comments below or tag us on social media using the #RogzOutdoorCatz.

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