How to choose the best type of dog collar

Being a responsible pet owner includes making sure that your dog is safe. Buy a good quality dog collar that you can trust so that you can connect with your dog in the best possible way. Here are some tips to help you choose the best type of dog collar to suit your need and lifestyle (and the safety of your dog!).

Why do I need a collar for my dog?

These are the top reasons why you need a collar for your dog.

Identification Attachment

A collar is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to attach an identification or name tag to your dog. Even if your dog stays on your property all the time, this becomes crucial if they do manage to get out. This is even more important if your dog isn’t microchipped.

Remember, you can’t always predict how your dog might react to a scary thunderstorm or fireworks display, or what they’ll do if someone leaves the gate open accidentally. Even if this (hopefully) never happens, a collar is a simple way to get some extra control over your dog during routine trips to the vet or grooming parlour and most of all when you are on a walk!

Training Aid

A collar is useful as a training aid, or to temporarily restrain your dog. At Rogz, we don’t recommend walking your dog with a collar, as this can cause too much strain on your dog’s neck, rather use a suitable harness or if you have a very well behaved dog, then use a control collar ( chain or web, your choice) as this is essential to prevent escape That said, a collar can be useful as a training aid, or if you need to temporarily restrain your dog such as if a neighbour’s cat comes into your yard, when they’re meeting a stranger or new dog for the first time, or just trying to eat something they shouldn’t! Collars can also be used in conjunction with harness for more control.

Everyday collars vs training collars

The most important factor to consider when deciding on the best type of dog collar is whether it’s for general everyday use, or as a training aid.

General everyday collars

Rogz Classic Collars are great options for everyday use. Available in a variety of styles and materials, it’s never been simpler to find the perfect collar to suit your dog’s needs and personality! The Rogz Utility Classic Collar deserves a special mention, as it boasts a lot of functionality in one elegant design.

  • Recommended for everyday use and identification purposes
  • Durable with strong webbing
  • Comes in a wide variety of colours with highly reflective stitching for night-time visibility
  • Special ring to attach an ID-Tag
  • Innovative RogLoc buckle on the larger sizes prevents it from opening accidentally
Rogz Utility Classic Collar

Lara Shannon who is one of Australia’s most well-known canine experts hosts her own TV show Pooches at Play and shares all you need to know about dogs.

When it comes to choosing collars, Lara advised there are a number of things to consider.

“Is it for training? Adventure sports? Does your dog swim or spend a lot of time in the water? For general day wear? A well-made and sturdy flat collar is the best choice. Choose one that’s made from durable materials and a quality buckle that isn’t going to snap like those cheap and cheerful ones always do. Great examples are the Rogz classic collar or the classic padded collar, which also has a non-shift pad to distribute.”

The Rogz Utility Classic Collar is recommended for everyday use and identification and is made with durable, strong webbing. These dog collars come in a variety of colours with highly reflective stitching for night-time visibility. If your dog needs a little bit extra support, then try the Rogz Utility Classic Collar Padded. These dog collars have extra comfort and support with the soft, breathable, non-shift pad to evenly distribute the pull-load, reducing pressure on the sensitive neck area.

Training collars

What’s the best type of dog collar for training?  Obedience training (although it requires a fair bit of patience) is a highly worthwhile undertaking with any dog – but especially with large, powerful breeds where good behaviour is crucial.

In these cases, we would suggest the Utility Control Collar as the best type of training collar, it is available with webbing or with a chain. Using the latter, the small length of stainless-steel chain on this collar aids in obedience training, as the sound and vibration it creates help to get the dog’s attention. The chain varies in length in every size so that it is strong enough for every size dog.

And because the two D-rings draw together when pressure is applied via the lead, the dog can’t ‘reverse out’ and get its head free, as can sometimes happen with other collars. For this reason, this particular Rogz collar comes highly recommended by dog training schools

Please note: Because there is a chance of the chain getting tangled in something, this collar should never be left on while your dog is unsupervised, but used only during training sessions.

Rogz Utility Control Collar

What’s the best type of collar for dogs that spend most of their time outdoors?

For dogs that spend most of their day in the garden or on the farm, the biggest concern is that they may get their collar snagged on something. In this scenario, we suggest the Rogz Safety Collar

This collar is also a good option if you have two or more dogs who play with each other and may pull on each other’s collars. Thanks to its clever magnetic buckle and stretch-escape elastic, the dog can pull themselves free in an emergency.

Rogz Utility Safety Collar

What is the best type of collar for a puppy or small dog?

A well-fitting collar is a great way to welcome a new puppy into the ‘pack’! Below are some of the best types of collar for a puppy in the Rogz collection. Always remember, no collar when still as a group of puppies.

Rogz Utility Classic Collar:

Recommended for everyday use and identification, Rogz Utility Classic Collars are durable with strong webbing in a variety of colours with highly reflective stitching for night-time visibility. The safe and trusted RogLoc buckle on the larger sizes can be locked to prevent it from being accidentally opened, and there is a special ring to attach an ID-Tag.

Rogz Urban Classic Collar:

The soft, plush webbing of this collar is perfect for puppies, young dogs, and small or toy breeds. It is available in a tasteful range of soothing pastel colours, finished with oh-so-stylish rose gold trims! The Small Dogs Urban Classic Collar is ideal for everyday use and includes a D ring for ID-Tag attachment for easy identification.

Rogz Urban Classic Collar

Rogz Fashion Classic Collar:

If your pup is overflowing with personality, then the best type of dog collar is one with pizazz to match! Our Fashion Classic Collar also features soft, comfortable, plush webbing, but in some more eye-catching wild safari prints and designs than the Urban range. There is a D-ring for ID-tag attachment included, along with some lurex stitching for that extra sparkle!

Rogz Fashion Classic Collar

What about a puppy in training?

All vaccinated, rearing to go and ready for training and adventure? In the case of puppies and small dogs attending puppy school or obedience training, a harness is a more appropriate solution. We suggest the Fashion Comfy Harness, with its breathable padded chest plate and easy-fit buckles as the ideal solution for small dogs.

For medium to large dogs, the Utility Classic Harness is ideal. With its front chest lead attachment, you can walk your dog using any one of our Multi leads for the added benefit of Stop-Pull steering control. Couple with one of our Car-safe Seat Belt Clips for stress-free car journeys!

Thanks for reading! Rogz pet gear is proud to be a Safe and Trusted pet brand. Don’t forget to check out our main Dogz Collars page to see our full range, or feel free to get in touch for more assistance.  

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