An Adventure Extravaganza

Let’s go on an adventure! Having the right pet gear for your adventure makes all the difference. It needs to be soft and comfortable for those long days in the outdoors, for both you and your fur bestie. It needs to be light, easy to stow away and ideally make zero sound. And wouldn’t it be great if, on top of all of this, it looked the part?

Find out what makes the AirTech Range so special.

Careful construction

The AirTech Range has something for everyone, no matter what your adventure. The dog leads, dog harness and dog collar in this range are carefully designed and manufactured to make sure you get the most out of your adventure. 

Every component that goes into making the AirTech Range is carefully chosen. The AirTech Range is made using fabric that has soft, smooth rounded edges and a diamond mesh. All connectors are made out of fabric too, meaning there is no metal hitting against each other making noise. This means your outdoor experience is enhanced because your pet gear is ultra lightweight, offers supreme comfort and is noise free. Could you ask for anything more in adventure pet gear?

Beauty from nature

You are bound to come across so many colours when you are out and about enjoying fresh air. The blue skies, the light brown sandy beaches, the green leaves on trees and the bright colours of the birds, you name it.

In the end, it was decided that the colours that would work best for this pet gear range are soft, emotive colours that you would often associate with being outside. Check out the five AirTech colours below.

NightSky Black: The sun has set and when you look up at the sky, there is nothing but darkness. Is there anything more relaxing?

Sunset Pink: There is something soothing about watching the sun go down, as the sky lights up in soft shades of red and pink. 

Burnt Ochre: You will find this natural earthy tone everywhere in nature. Just pick up your head and look around!

Rock Red: There is one thing you will often come across in the outdoors, and that is rocks! The beauty of the sun hitting rocks and watching them light up is magical. 

Platinum Grey: Playing outside means getting wet and muddy. Every adventurer will tell you that nothing beats time outside in some gloomy weather! 

The calming of the pink sky at sunset

The shape of strength

Have you noticed the patterns on the AirTech Sport Belt and AirTech Sport Harness? These ‘patterns’ are no mistake and are specifically designed for AirTech by Rogz. It’s quite symbolic really. These ‘patterns’ are no mistake and are a carefully designed inclusion with symbolism. AirTech is built for adventure, so the strength and safety standards of this pet gear are paramount. There was only one shape that could capture the essence of this: the hexagon.

The hexagon is said to be the shape that represents sports but it goes deeper than that. The hexagon is the strongest shape that exists. When stacked together, there is zero space wastage. Did you know that bees use hexagons to make efficient use of space whilst using as little wax as possible? They hold the maximum amount of honey, whilst ensuring no space is wasted, because the hexagons fit tight, and side by side together, in a compact fashion.

An obvious choice to represent AirTech and all it stands for, both symbolically and technically. (link to against blog ‘Pet gear that goes against the tide’)  

The AirTech hexagon shape represents strength

Want to find out more about AirTech? 

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