Pick the perfect pressie for your fur bestie

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For the last two years, many of us couldn’t see our human best friends, so we invested in furry ones. They gave us so much when we needed them most. Now, we hope to see people continue to love and invest in their pets. This festive season, spoil your special someone with the perfect present. Take this quick quiz to see which gift best matches your fur bestie’s personality.


Simply record A, B, C, D or E and then tally up which letter you got the most, at the end.

  • You’re at the park. As soon as you take your fur friend off the leash, they:
    • A. Run straight into the nearest puddle, obviously
    • B. Strut alongside you; the path is their catdog-walk
    • C. Gallop up to the closest dog for a stop-and-sniff
    • D. Perfectly pose for pics like a true influencer
    • E. Scramble up the nearest rock formation or chase a squirrel
  • Your pup is at the parlour. They:
    • A. Wriggle, squirm and try to run away
    • B. Sit with their eyes closed, lapping up the attention
    • C. Accept bribes for cooperation in the form of favourite treats
    • D. Look adoringly at the camera with big puppy-dog eyes
    • E. Stop, drop and roll
  • How social is your honeybun?
    • A. Loves to run and chase other canine companions
    • B. Will stop for a sniff but only interested in dogs of similar status and style
    • C. The most social! Play, play, play!
    • D. Depends on the other dog’s follower-count. No nanos here please
    • E. Always up for an adventure!
  • At puppy training, your dearest darling:
    • A. Was a delightful drop out
    • B. Was top of the class every time, naturally
    • C. Was way more interested in making friends
    • D. Aced their school photos but wasn’t interested in much else
    • E. Cooperated when treats were on offer
  • Would your fur bestie tolerate being popped in a handbag?
    • A. 1000% No
    • B. That’s the preferred method of travel. Walking is EFFORT
    • C. Possibly to please you. But probably not
    • D. Depends. Does it match their fur?
    • E. Bag = hindrance to freedom and excitement

Let’s add ‘em up!


Sometimes a bit of a buffoon, but never aloof, this happy goof has ALWAYS got your back. They may have permanently muddy paws and have come last-in-class at puppy school, but when it comes to friendship, this adorkable darling wins every time.

Perfect Range: The Rogz Utility range is ideal for your partner in grime. Strong and durable, it has reflective stitching so you can spot your canine companion, day and night, and even when they jump in puddles.

Perfect present: What about a classic ‘Rogz Grinz Fetch Ball’, so you can spend happy hours bonding with your baby? It’s both a treat toy and fetch toy which is fantastic for your dog’s body and mind…


Sashay away, sweetheart! Your perfect pup never puts a paw out of line. A big believer in self-care, this foxy dog knows what they’re worth and never lets anyone forget it. Destined for greatness, they’re a class-act with plenty of sass and sweetness. The world is their dog park, and their spiciness makes you love them even more.

Perfect Range: Either the Fancy Dress Range (for all sizes) or Fashion Range (for smaller dogs) will complement your sweetie’s innate style. The Fancy Dress range is made to turn heads with unique graphic designs that sport the latest looks. The Fashion Range boasts an African safari-inspired print that’ll let your baby’s inner lion ROAR.

Perfect present: Treat your fashionista to a dazzling new Fashion Classic Collar! Choose between five prints including Leopard Bone, Amphibian Blue and Wild Hearts, that’ll make all the other sweethearts jealous.


Your fur bestie is the most popular pup at the park. An endless extrovert, they want to be everyone’s best friend and can’t understand why playtime ever has to end.  They’re the best bestie you could ever imagine, and your life is much richer due to endless snuggles and wet-nose kisses.

Perfect Range: Deck out your darling in the Rope Range, which is gentle on your hands, in bright, playful colours.

Perfect present: What about a ‘Rogz Flossy Grinz Dental Toy’ that your sweet socialite can share with friends? With ropes to allow tugging and swinging and an inner squeaker to entice, this will engage your dog for hours!


Think Diana. No, no, not Lady Di. We’re talking Priyanka’s bug-eyed baby – the Instagram sensation that’s sweeping every nation. Like Diana, your pampered friend serves loveable ‘lewks’ all day. They know which angle works best on camera and they bring their A game, every time. They’re darn adorable and everywhere you go, people want to know… Your dog’s Insta handle, obviously.

Perfect Range: Your sophisticated sweetie deserves nothing but the best, naturally. They’re totally on trend so treat them to the Urban Range for small dogs, which is all about soothing pastels with rose gold trims. It’s all about looking awesome without trying too hard.

Perfect present: The Urban Classic Collar is what your little influencer has been dreaming of… with a matching Urban Classic Lead and a matching Urban Fast-Fit Adjustable Harness, of course!


Your pup is never bored – and neither are you as you try to keep up. They’re always off on a new adventure, whether that’s bounding up rocks, chasing squirrels, diving into ditches or running circles at the park! Life is so incredibly exciting, and your baby beastie just wants to enjoy every second.

Perfect Range: The Alpinist Range is ideal for adventure dogs! Named after a climber of high mountains, the range is made from nylon webbing to be soft and strong at the same time. A top match for your sporty baby.

Perfect present: After a big day of adventures, your loveable bestie needs a “lekker” night’s sleep on Rogz’s Lekka Cushioned Bed.

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