Dog Toys

Here’s how to find fun, functional and stimulating dog toys. We all know dogs and puppies love to play, and having some toys just for them is the perfect way to add enrichment to their daily routine. Our award-winning dog toys, divided into four different categories, make finding the best toys for your dog simple – and definitely put the FUN back in FUNctional!

  1. Fetch toys – for hours of fun in the garden, on the beach, or at the park.
  2. Treat toys – conceal a treat inside to stimulate both brain and body.
  3. Chew toys – save your slippers! We’ve got some of the best chew toys for puppies and older dogs alike.
  4. Dental toys – brushing your teeth is tricky without thumbs! Our innovative chew toys gently clean your dog’s teeth and help keep their gums healthy.

Why is it important for dogs to have toys?

Some of the many benefits of dog toys include:

  • Providing mental stimulation, enrichment, relaxation, and stress-relief
  • Helping puppies learn and develop new skills
  • Discouraging unwanted behaviours like chewing on shoes or furniture
  • Keeping your dog entertained when you’re not home
  • Helping teething puppies
  • Keeping older dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy

Most important of all though, dog balls and toys are a great way to engage with your lovable loaf, bond, and have fun together!

Why Rogz toys are the best dog toys!

Did you know that Rogz dog toys won the coveted “Brand of the Year” title at the World Branding Awards 2021-2022 Animalis Edition? It was an incredible honour for our brand to be recognised on the global stage in this way, and great to learn that consumers all over the globe (and their dogs!) love our products. Check out our About Us page to watch our acceptance video and find out more!

These are some of the standout features of our dog and puppy toys:

  • Safe and trusted – first and foremost, we produce safe dog toys you know you can trust. All our products are rigorously tested and subject to quality control checks for peace of mind.
  • Variety – dogs come in all different sizes, shapes, and personalities. That’s why we offer a wide selection of toys to match!
  • Functional – more than just offering interest and enjoyment, our dog toys are designed to address common pain points for pet owners too.
  • Different hardness levels available – whether your dog has a fearsome set of gnashers or is more of a polite nibbler, we’ve got toys to suit.
  • Designed to float in water – many of our canine customers love a good splash! Our floating toys make fun in the pool or at the beach, a breeze.
  • Hours of fun – durable and long-lasting, Rogz dog toys are excellent value for money.

Range of safe dog balls and dog toys

Without further ado, meet some of our best dog balls, puppy toys, treat, fetch, dental and chew toys!

Treat toys

Dogs are pack animals and not built to spend extended periods of time alone, but it’s not always possible to be with them all the time. Treat toys keep your dog entertained so that they learn to have fun independently.

If you are at home, it also teaches them to play by themselves while you tackle those nasty home jobs (or take a nap!). And let’s face it, who would turn down an opportunity to eat a snack??

Rogz Fred Treat Ball

The Rogz Fred treat ball is a treat, fetch and dental ball, with the main function being treat. This treat ball is made from Thermo Plastic Rubber which is durable and has a high resistance to weathering and is non water absorbing.

The cute “teeth” are painted with non-toxic vinyl paint and secure the treat in the cavity. Mix dry and wet treats and watch your dog learn new skills to retrieve their treat. As an extra bonus while your dog has no idea, it’s textured surface gently massages your dog’s gums and cleans teeth!

Rogz Tumbler Treat Toy

The Rogz Tumbler treat/puzzle toy is a great toy to slow down greedy eaters! Made from ABS, which is a highly durable safe plastic with high resistance to weathering, it is BPA free and non-toxic.

If you are going out for a while, keep half your dog’s breakfast aside and pop in the dry pellets into his Rogz Tumbler. Click and lock it, set the clever release rate setting to suit your dog, and show him how it works by rolling it on the ground so that one pellet falls out. Then stand back and watch him chase it with his nose as he works out how to push and get those yummy treats!

Fetch toys

Fetch toys are interactive and offer many benefits – like providing mental stimulation to prevent your dog becoming stressed, anxious, and bored. A dog which needs a lot of exercise, both physically and mentally, will definitely benefit from having a fetch toy (and you, the pet parent, will benefit too!).

Rogz Grinz Fetch Ball

The Rogz Grinz fetch ball is our most famous dog ball! Apart from having a cavity to stuff treats inside, it bounces and floats easily which is perfect for fetching. Made from Thermo Plastic Rubber, it is highly resistant to weathering and aging and the “grin” is made of non-toxic vinyl paint.

This “grin” image is its most unique factor – try to get your dog to fetch the ball so that the “grin” in the ball sits perfectly in its mouth! Loads of fun and a wonderful way to connect with your pet!

Rogz LightHouse Fetch Toy

The Rogz LightHouse fetch toy is perfect for water play. The attached cord makes it easy to throw, while the EVA foam and natural rubber creates buoyancy, and the red and white stripes give it high visibility in water.

Grab the cord and swing it as far as you can, then watch your dog learn new skills to retrieve it in various water conditions. A great hydrotherapy toy, the counterweight at the bottom helps it to float upright even in rough surf. Swimming is a very healthy activity for your dog, with a much-needed energy release plus stimulation for the mind.

Rogz Pop-Upz Fetch Toy

The Rogz Pop-Upz fetch toy has unique Self-Righting technology which enables it to wobble once it has landed on water or on land, bringing out your dog’s natural hunting instincts! Made from EVA rubber which is extremely buoyant, its counterweight base ensures that the handle self-rights above the water surface, “popping up” for easy pick -up.

Rogz RFO (Rogz Flying Object) Fetch Toy

Outdoor dog toys don’t get more thrilling than the Rogz Flying Object fetch toy! This toy amazes pet parents, because the unique 3 “Rogz” holes in this dog frisbee make it so effective. It flies smoothly through the air and the holes make it easier for your dog to catch.

This is the best fetch toy for very exuberant dogs, and because it is made from EVA foam, it is safe and easy to catch with no worry about broken teeth or cut hands, plus it floats very well in water. A great toy to support an active lifestyle for you and your dog, with lots of jumping fun!

Rogz Squeekz Fetch Ball

The Rogz Squeekz fetch ball is ultra-bouncy and made from Thermo Plastic Rubber, with the added excitement of a lovely squeak! One of the best dog balls for kids to interact with their dog too, both enjoying the squeak which encourages active engagement. The bright colours make it easy to spot and retrieve in water, as it floats very well.

Dental toys

These are the best dog toys for keeping your fur pal’s teeth and gums healthy – and they won’t even realise it’s happening. 

Rogz Flossy Grinz Dental Toy

With its four rope attachments, the Flossy Grinz dental toy engages all your pup’s hunting instincts! The inner squeaker encourages the dog to chew in several directions, massaging their gums and cleaning their teeth in the process. These cool dog toys even feature special tongue cleaning ridges to promote fresher breath.

Rogz Scrubz Dental Toy

If your dog or puppy enjoys tug of war games, they’ll love the Scrubs dental toy! The rope-like texture is perfect for keeping teeth in great condition, and the crackle sound the toy made is bound to keep them engaged!

Chew toys

Chew toys aren’t just a way to entertain your dog, they can also prevent serious injury. Vets often see dogs with broken or damaged teeth because their natural instincts have driven them to chew on something they shouldn’t have. These are some of Rogz’ best chew toys for dogs.

Rogz Gumz Chew Ball  

Soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth, but firm enough to bounce, the Gumz chew ball also has a treat cavity to keep your pup’s interest. The texture of the ball gently cleans teeth, while helping your dog build up jaw strength.

Rogz Yumz Chew Toy

Undoubtedly one of the very best chew toys for dogs, the Yumz’ interesting shape makes it ideal for massaging your dog’s gums and promoting dental hygiene. With not one but two treat cavities, it will have your dog entranced for hours!


These are some of the most common questions we receive around dog and puppy toys.

What are the best puppy toys?

Puppies have a few unique requirements – primarily their need for teething toys. Depending on their breed, they usually start teething at about two weeks of age, and their adult teeth are normally in place around 6 months. A good chew toy for large breed puppies is the Yumz chew toy, while smaller breeds will love the Gumz chew ball.

Another issue puppy owners face is their frenzied feeding! If your puppy is stuffing themselves at mealtimes, placing some of their food in one of our Tumbler treat toys is the perfect solution.

How do I choose the right size dog toy?

You’ll see our dog toys are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The easiest way to narrow your selection is to use the handy filter at the top of this page.

How do I introduce my dog to a new toy?

Most dogs will instantly understand what a toy means! However, if your darling tends to be a little nervous of new things, (this is common in rescues) first place the toy on the floor and let them sniff and investigate it in their own time. You can also place a few treats near the toy to start building a positive association. Only throw or swing the toy once they’ve had a chance to get used to it.

Where can I buy your awesome dog toys?

Ready to make your dog’s day with a Rogz toy they’ll love? Grrreat! You’ll find our quality pet products at most vet shops, or you can use our handy navigator to find your nearest supplier.

We know you’ll have hours of tail-wagging fun together!

How to measure your dog:

1. Measure neck for collar size.
2. Measure girth & neck for harness size.
3. Weigh your dog.


Knowing your dog’s neck and girth measurements (and its weight) is vital in choosing the right size Rogz collar and Rogz harness to keep your dog safe. Our weight guide is based on our components’ break strength. We have developed these guides to help Rogz to be a safe and trusted brand whilst being the most enjoyed pet gear on planet earth and beyond!

Not sure how to measure and weigh your dog? Watch this video and we’ll take you through a few simple steps to ensure you choose the correct size Rogz product based on your dog’s measurements and weight.

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