Dog Beds

Should I choose a flat dog bed or a walled dog bed?

Did you know that just like humans, dogs have their own preferred sleeping style? Some like to curl up, some like to stretch out, and some prefer to ‘lounge’ with their limbs in all directions!

That’s why Rogz’ rectangle dog beds make such good dog beds – they’re the perfect fit whether your fur bestie wants to curl up, or stretch their legs out. If your dog is a stretcher, a flat dog bed will give them plenty of room. If your dog is a snuggler and likes to curl up, our soft and comfy cushioned beds will tick all their boxes!  Browse our flat dog beds and browse our walled dog beds. 

Outdoor dog beds vs indoor dog beds

All our dog beds are extremely durable and have machine washable covers. Our most versatile outside dog beds, the Rogz Lekka Flat Bed and Rogz Lekka Cushioned Bed, are specifically designed for the outdoors and various weather conditions.

Easy-to-wipe, reversible fabrics are used in the design of these beds. The canvas side is suitable for warm weather, and the sherpa side works better in cold temperatures making this bed ideal all year round for your sweetheart to sleep on.

The filling of our Lekka beds consists of 100% safe, non-toxic and fully recycled plastic bottle filler. The bed also comes with a sturdy handle, which makes it easy to carry. The covers are machine-washable, and the beds come in 3 sizes and 4 colours to suit all breeds and owner preferences.

Best dog beds

For puppies and small dogs

First and foremost, you want your puppy or small dog to be comfy and snug, and our durable range of cushioned beds will ensure that in spades!

These are our range of small dog beds:

All our removable, easy-to-clean, washable, and reversible covers are made with soft fabrics like linen, rugged corduroy, and soft polar fleece to give your doggie a cosy sleeping experience. Our cushion covers also come in different colours and textures to suit your preference. Our Spice Cushioned Bed (aka 3D Podz), in particular, are designed with colourful and fun patterns from our Fancy Dress range!

Our non-skid bases ensure safety by preventing slipping. Rest assured that our puppy dog beds are designed for various temperatures, so they add insulation in cold weather and yet remain cool in summer. Browse our small dog beds and puppy beds.

Best dog beds for large dogs

Having their own sleeping space is particularly important for large breeds, simply because they take up so much of it! Rogz has a wide range of large dog beds for big dogs which include the following:

We know that muddy paws and big dogs pretty much go paw in hand! So all our big dog beds come with reversible cushion covers that are durable, removable, easy-to-clean, and washable.

Our big dog beds are made from a variety of durable fabrics like faux linen, tough corduroy, soft polar fleece, and durable and rip-resistant polyester. Though easy to clean, all these beds will give your dog the comfiest snooze ever, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Our subtle colour and texture selection make sure these large dog beds will blend perfectly into any home or covered veranda colour scheme. Our Rogz Spice Flat Beds incorporate a range of fun patterns and colours from our Fancy Dress range. Our non-skid bases prevent slipping thus ensuring safety, and most of our big dog beds come with easy-to-carry handles.

And if you have one of those VERY big canine companions, not to worry – just have a look at our extra-large dog beds. Our Rogz Indoor Flat Bed, our Rogz Lekka Flat Bed, and our Rogz Spice Flat Bed will accommodate your partner in grime in ultimate canine comfort and style! Browse our large dog beds and browse our extra-large dog beds.

Best medium sized dog beds

If you have a medium-sized dog, you will be positively spoiled for choice as most of our beds come with a medium option. Remember, if your dog likes to sprawl, it might be advisable to get your tail-wagger one of our ultra-comfortable flat beds. Browse our medium dog beds.

Hot tip for introducing your dog to their new bed

Most dogs will be delighted and overjoyed with their comfy new bed, but if they’re used to something else, they might be a little confused at first. The best way to get your fur child to take to its new bed is to make it smell familiar.

Pop one of your old T-shirts or one of your fur bestie’s old blankets or toys in there. Reward your pup with praise and a treat as it investigates the new bed. Make sure to start off by putting the bed in a familiar location. Just make sure your dog’s bed is a happy, safe place and your fur bestie will take to it like a duck to water!

What if my dog likes to chew on their bedding?

Our top tip here – punishment is a definite no-no. It is guaranteed to make the problem worse, not better!

If their chewing is motivated by boredom, try to enrich your dog’s life with activities like walks and games. Another good idea is to get your pup some Rogz chew toys with a treat inside to give them something else to gnaw on and entertain them. If the behaviour persists, discuss the problem with your vet and see what they suggest.

Where can I buy Rogz beds for dogs?

Rogz dog beds (commonly known as podz) and other products are available from most vets, pet stores and large pet retailers globally. Find a stockist near you here and make your dog’s ‘sweet dreams’ come true!

How to measure your dog:

1. Measure neck for collar size.
2. Measure girth & neck for harness size.
3. Weigh your dog.


Knowing your dog’s neck and girth measurements (and its weight) is vital in choosing the right size Rogz collar and Rogz harness to keep your dog safe. Our weight guide is based on our components’ break strength. We have developed these guides to help Rogz to be a safe and trusted brand whilst being the most enjoyed pet gear on planet earth and beyond!

Not sure how to measure and weigh your dog? Watch this video and we’ll take you through a few simple steps to ensure you choose the correct size Rogz product based on your dog’s measurements and weight.

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