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Rogz Dog harnesses – step out in style!

What makes Rogz dog harnesses ideal for your best friend?
Rogz has been helping you provide the world’s coolest pet gear for over a quarter of a century! We specialise in high-quality pet gear and accessories and have a proven track record in 90 countries including Australia– with multiple distribution centres efficiently handling orders and deliveries all over the world.

When buying a dog harness, everyone wants one that is comfortable for their dog and most importantly works well for the function they need it for (aka the problem you are trying to solve).

Rogz harnesses give you all that and more… they don’t just look good but we also only use the highest-quality, strength-tested materials.

About Rogz dog harnesses

Our quality dog harnesses come in a wide range of designs suited to the functionality all Australian pet parents need! We also incorporate trendy fashion colours and design elements into all our user-friendly, practical pet gear.

We use superior packaging that makes Rogz products easy to identify. The clear instructions on our packaging make it easy for you to buy the right product in the correct size for your breed and weight of pet.

Why does Rogz recommend walking my dog with a harness rather than a collar?

Our philosophy is that dogs should preferably be walked on a harness and not on a collar.

With a harness, the restriction and pressure is transferred from the neck to the chest and back – making it much safer and more comfortable. If the incorrect collar is used for walking, it can cause choking, especially in dogs who tend to jump – and in some cases, can even leave permanent damage to the dog’s windpipe.

There may be times or reasons beyond our human knowledge when your pup just doesn’t want to be in a harness, in which case we would recommend our Control Collar which is entirely suited to walking your dog.

How do you put on a Rogz dog harness?

The designs of our harnesses are straightforward and sensible to make putting on a Rogz harness as simple as possible. What makes it even easier for pet parents (and their pets!) is that most of our products also have explanatory videos (via QR codes) on YouTube.

These videos demonstrate clearly how our harnesses should be fitted and used to ensure your canine companion is comfortable and happy. We also have very clear step-by-step instructions and pictures on our website demonstrating how to put our harnesses on your dog.

If it’s the first time you are putting the harness on your dog, it’s important to try and do it in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and give your fur bestie lots of love and reassurance. It’s always a good idea to have a few treats on hand to reward your friend for their cooperation and build a positive connection with the harness.

For those with a busy schedule, we have harnesses that suit your “on the go Aussie lifestyle” and our fast-fit harness is one of the perfect solutions for you.

Simply lay the harness flat on the floor, with the buckles facing outwards. Have your dog step into the harness, pull the ends up towards each other, fasten, and you’re ready to get going!

Which harness is best for a dog that pulls?

Our Rogz Utility Stop-Pull Harnesses is perfect for powerful and excitable dogs that are strong pullers. The design of the harness ensures additional control and helps with training, as gentle pressure is applied via the soft puff rope under your darling dog’s front legs.

Other great features on this Stop Pull Harness include a classic lead attachment for everyday use via the puff rope O-ring. There is also a Multi Lead attachment on the front chest pad for Stop-pull control and Two-point steering.

A stow-away elastic loop on top of your dog’s back holds the O-ring and puff rope in place while your dog is off the lead. Always ensure that the puff rope is pulled tight through the B-ring to prevent it from coming loose.

These harnesses are fully adjustable, and their highly reflective stitching ensures good visibility at night.s The box-stitched joins and high-quality webbing that it’s made off ensures the harness is strong, durable, and very safe.

See our Utility Stop-Pull Harness in action below!

How do I choose the right size harness for my dog?

There are three steps that will help you choose the right size harness for your dog.

Measurement Guide

Take your dog’s neck and girth measurement. You can use a measuring tape, piece of string, or use our Fitzrite tape available in our stores across Australia to assist in measurement. You can then match your measurement to our size stickers found on packaging.

Weight Guide

Knowing your dog’s weight can also help you purchase the correct fitting gear. Check out our in-store size and weight guide featured on our racking and call-out information displays.

Breed Guide

This is a guide based on your dog’s breed and the healthy average weight category

Rogz solution-based variety of dog harnesses

Rogz is proud to offer a variety of dog harnesses to suit every kind of taste and lifestyle in Australia and beyond. Our solution-based harnesses will help you solve the need you have!

1. Classic Everyday Dog Harness

Are you looking for a classic dog harness that is easy to use every day?

Rogz recommends the Classic Harness:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Features an additional front chest lead attachment for use with Rogz multi leads for stop-pull steering control
  • Compatible with our Car-safe Seat Belt Clips

The Classic Harness is available in the Alpinist, Fancy Dress, and Utility Range:

2. Control Behaviour Dog Harness

Are you looking for a dog harness that helps behaviour correction and training? Two products that we recommend for you include:

Rogz recommends the Control Harness:

  • Front chest lead attachment for Stop-Pull control and Two-Point steering
  • Fully adjustable
  • Reflective stitching for night-time visibility

The Control Harness is available in the Utility Range:

Rogz recommends the Stop-Pull Harness:

  • Perfect for strong pullers, as the puff rope under your dog’s front legs aids in behaviour correction
  • Front chest lead attachment for Double Stop-Pull Control and Two-Point steering
  • Fully adjustable

The Stop-Pull Harness is available in the Utility Range:

3. Dog Harness For An Active Lifestyle

Are you looking for a dog harness suited for outdoor, adventurous activities?

Rogz recommends the Explore Harness:

  • Innovative support handle, which allows you to aid your dog over obstacles
  • Front chest lead attachment for Stop-Pull control and Two-Point steering
  • Reflective for night-time visibility

The Explore Harness is available in the Utility Range:

4. Dog Harness For On The Go

Are you looking for a dog harness to fit in with your busy lifestyle? Four products that we recommend for you include:

Rogz recommends the Step-In Harness:

  • Quick-fit step-in design
  • Fully adjustable and durable

The Step-In Harness is available in the Utility Range:

Rogz recommends the Fast-Fit Harness:

  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Reflective stitching for night-time visibility
  • Ergonomically contoured high strength components and stitching

The Fast-Fit Harness is available in the Utility Range:

Rogz recommends the Fast-Fit Adjustable Harness:

  • Streamlined boomerang shape designed for your dog’s comfort
  • Soothing pastel colours stitched onto soft plush webbing
  • Finished with rose gold trims!

The Fast-Fit Adjustable Harness is available in the Urban Range:

Rogz recommends the Comfy Harness:

  • Wild safari prints stitched onto soft plush webbing!
  • Breathable padded chest plate for extra support
  • Dual buckles for an easy fit

The Comfy Harness is available in the Fashion Range:

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