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Rogz Pop-Upz Flyer

Rogz Pop-Upz is an erratic bounce and fetch toy designed especially for adventurous dogs all over Australia. With a unique counter-weight and self-righting technology to pop upright on land and water. Its amphibious structure allows Pop-Upz to stand upright in water for easy pick-up while being highly visible and completely buoyant. Soft in mouth and gentle on teeth, the erratic bounce and flight activates both mind and muscle to entice your dog’s natural hunting instincts.

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Bite-O-Meter 2
This is a medium strength toy rated a 2.

Erratic Flight & Bounce
Erratic bounce and flight activates both mind and muscle!

Land and Water
Easy pick-up on both land and water. Highly visible & buoyant in water.

Self Righting - Easy Pick-up
Lands upright on flat surfaces for easy pick-up.

Playful back-and-forth motion entices natural hunting instincts.

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