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Getting to know TimePet

TimePet began its journey in 2000 as the sole distributor of Rogz pet gear in Australia. Back then, they were based in the National Capital of Australia and known as Rogz Australia. In 2001, they changed their name to TimePet Products and decided to have a go at making their own pet accessories. After many nights wrestling sewing machines and producing countless prototypes, it became clear that their strength lay within brand building and wholesale distribution.

The noughties were exciting times for TimePet Products. They had a lot of fun, won prestigious awards, and relocated north to the Gold Coast where their world-renowned, category-leading pet product brands grew.

Early days of Rogz pet gear and TimePet

As a company, TimePet is very proud to have a close relationship with Rogz, dating back to its business origin. Since then, TimePet and Rogz have grown side by side to become the companies they are today, and continue to share a moral fabric across continents. Says Heinrich Westenraad, Chief Executive Officer of TimePet: “I was in Australia and was speaking to a mate of mine in South Africa, and he told me about Rogz. He said ‘Hein, this is good stuff!’ Shortly after, I went to Cape Town, and on the first day I met with Paul, Irené and John, we did a handshake deal and I bought every SKU they had! That mate of mine was the first distributor of Rogz, in Holland, and I became the second. And that’s how it all started!”

TimePet at present 

Today, TimePet is the distributor of over 3000 pet products across thirteen brands. They have developed close and long-lasting relationships with their brand, retail, and distribution partners, and they look forward to sharing many more years of friendship and success. To date, they’ve distributed over 15 million Rogz products across Australia and are proud to stock a brand that they share a special relationship with, and who also aligns with their values.

TimePet branded their company vehicle with the Rogz logo to
show support

Sharing sustainability values

Rogz and TimePet share many morals surrounding social and environmental sustainability, and although they are relaxed in nature, TimePet is very serious about what they do. They endeavour to make the world a better place, keep pets safe and do it all with a smile on their face.  

“At TimePet, we strive to promote the concept of sustainable gardening by planting fruits and vegetables in our garden for our employees to pick throughout Summer. Although we have adequate access to these resources, growing them ourselves improves our ecological footprint and encourages us to appreciate good nutrition more. There’s nothing fresher than eating something grown in your own backyard with love, and a special reminder of our friends over in Cape Town,” says Matt Rogers, Marketing Manager of TimePet.

Visits between TimePet and Rogz

Although situated in different parts of the world, many retailers and TimePet colleagues have had the opportunity to visit Rogz. In 2016, a group of ten staff visited Rogz HQ, and this November will see twelve TimePet staff visiting Rogz HQ. Hein has been on many memorable trips with Rogz and vividly remembers trips to the Egyptian Pyramids and the Florida Keys, and looks forward to many more in the future. 

TimePet team sending congratulations after Rogz won World
Branding Forum’s “Brand of the Year” award in 2021

Proud of association with Rogz Academy

“At TimePet, we always have fun, creativity is at the heart of what we do, and it makes us happy to provide our customers with pet products with a purpose. We’re so grateful for the relationship we have with Rogz and the fond memories we share and are excited to see what the future holds for both companies. We are so proud of the difference Rogz and Rogz Academy are making in education, youth development and nutrition, and are sending our love from Australia!” says Hein.

Rogz is extremely grateful to Hein and the TimePet team for their support as a Platinum Partner to Rogz Academy!

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