How do I know which harness is best for my dog?

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A good dog harness is essential for a happy dog – and owner! Choosing the right dog walking harness ensures you have proper control on your walks (and adventures together) and helps keep them safe. 

It’s important to understand that different harnesses have different functions, and also that not all dogs will react to a particular style in the same way. You should therefore choose a harness that will suit your dog’s build, temperament, and walking behaviour. 

Rogz’ wide range of harnesses come in a variety of designs and materials so you can get the perfect one for your best friend. Our stylish range of colours ensures you can indulge your dog’s fashion sense to the full!  

Tips on choosing a dog walking harness

Here are some sensible tips about choosing the best dog harness for your dog:


The first is obviously size, so it is important that you know your dog’s neck and girth measurements, as well as its weight. We give you helpful guidelines for measuring your dog here. Our website offers you three sets of filters to narrow your search and make it easier to choose the right size and function for your dog. 

Search for the right harness using our filter function

A good fit is also really important for any dog harnesses. All our harnesses are fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for your beloved pet. In a cold climate, the harness can be fitted over your dog’s winter jersey or jacket.


The harness must also be comfortable for your dog while still giving you excellent control.


The design of a good dog harness is also crucial for your dog’s comfort, so the pressure should be evenly distributed across your dog’s chest. Your dog’s shoulder movement must not be restricted allowing them to walk, move and run naturally.


Your dog’s harness should be both durable and washable to withstand the rough-and-tumble of the most active dog. At Rogz, our harnesses are made of materials that are washable, lightweight, strong, and resistant to wear-and-tear.


And finally, the best dog harness will also offer you practicality. It must be easy to put on and take off, so your dog is never stressed or frightened by the procedure. It must be suitable for your lifestyle and the function you need it for, i.e., training, exercise or just an enjoyable amble. 


Let your pup’s personality shine through! Our harnesses are available in a range of awesome colours, and you can even test drive them against your dog’s coat shade via the handy slider on the home page.

Choose the colour that best matches your dogs’ fur


Most important of all, a good dog harness helps you solve a specific challenge. Once again, you’ll see we’ve made this easy via the function filter on our dog harnesses page:

Decide what harness to get based on function

The Classic Everyday function is ideal for dogs who are confident and relaxed, while the Control Behaviour function is designed for dogs who tend to pull or need a little more guidance from their human.

If your dog battles to stand still, you’ll find our On The Go solution makes fitting a harness quick and simple, and the Active Lifestyle selection is perfect for outdoor adventures.   

You’ll find our easy-to-follow guidelines for putting a harness on your dog here

Still not sure which harness is best?

Get in touch with our team and we will guide you in finding a harness that will suit your dog.

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