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Rogz Academy interns Samkele Jada and Asiphe Sicatsha, facilitated a collaboration between Elkanah Senior Preparatory School in Sunningdale and Rogz Academy.

Elkanah students and their families were challenged to handknit beanies for communities in need this winter. The call didn’t fall on deaf ears, and a total of 3 825 beanies were collected. 

Elkanah House connects with Rogz Academy

After collecting these beanies, Elkanah House reached out to Rogz Academy for assistance in donating the beanies to under-resourced communities. As part of their internship, Rogz Academy interns Samkelo and Asiphe immediately jumped in, nominating New Somerset West Hospital as the recipients of this donation. The two interns sorted all the beanies at Rogz HQ into sizes, then divided the donation into two deliveries. Robyn Shulver, from Rogz, helped with the first delivery in the Rogz Cabbie, and Samkelo and Asiphe personally handed over the second delivery to Social Work staff at New Somerset Hospital.

A message from Samkelo and Asiphe

 “In the spirit of Women’s Month, we saw it fit to lend a helping hand to the new mothers at the New Somerset Hospital, and those who have children currently admitted in the hospital wards. Our donation was inspired by the wonderful work their Social Work Department does through a clothing bank project. The clothing bank supplies clothing items to patients who are in need, helping patients leave the doors of the institution in a dignified manner. Rogz Academy wished to play our part by supporting the hospital through our donation by helping the mothers with the basic beanies and socks for their little ones.”

A win-win situation

This Beanie Project is a perfect example of how the broader community can connect with non-profit organisations to share resources and help uplift under-resourced communities. 

Rogz Academy welcomes anyone who would like to donate and needs an outlet for their caring hearts. Find out more about the work that we do and how to donate. 

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