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Not only has Daleen and Rogz helped me financially, but they have been here for me, helping in every way and making sure I get all the help that I need. They have made me realise that dreams are valid and possible. It has been a long-term dream of mine to one day have my own firm and also give back to the community. My advice for High School learners is to study hard and do not procrastinate. Make sure you do something that you love and makes you happy!” – Simbulele Mgengo, Rogz Academy Scholarship Recipient

A background to Daleen Turner Consultancy

Daleen completed her Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology in 1999 and has been working as a Human Resource Specialist across a wide range of sectors for the past twenty years. Daleen Turner Consultancy was established in 2011 with a vision to make a difference to individuals and businesses. Daleen and her network of specialists aim to bring about positive change to the world of work. The work that Daleen Turner Consultancy does is “inspired by the sun which brings light where it is dark, warmth where it is cold, hope where it has been lost and the possibility of new growth each day.”

Daleen Turner and Rogz Academy

In 2018, Daleen contacted Rogz Academy after she read about High School scholar Simbulele Mgengo. Simbulele was a Grade 11 pupil from Dunoon who was on a Rogz Academy scholarship, needing support to finish matric and continue studying. Daleen immediately jumped in to offer assistance financially and via mentorship through her consulting agency.

Simbulele, the beginning

Simbulele was Head Girl of Sophakama Primary in Grade 7 and excelled at school despite a  challenging home life in the under-resourced community of Dunoon near Rogz HQ. When her English teacher, Mr Jacob, realised Simbulele’s family couldn’t afford school fees or transport, he reached out to Rogz Academy, where financial support was secured for Simbulele’s education. The sponsorship from these companies allowed Simbulele to attend Bloubergrant High School, where her chances of a better education and future lay.

Simbulele Mgengo at a Rogz visit during High School

A journey of hope and perseverance

Simbulele’s journey through High School at Bloubergrant changed her life. In her final school year in 2019, she was elected as a prefect. At the valedictory ceremony she received the Trophy for Best Senior Academic Achievement for Accounting and a certificate for Academic Achievement in Business Studies. She completed her vehicle Learners License in 2021. Presently, Simbulele is studying a Bachelor of Financial Accounting at Boston College in Cape Town with the aim to become a qualified Chartered Accountant. Rogz pet gear has created a quiet space for her to study at HQ, and Simbulele works part-time in the Finance Department at Rogz.

Simbulele Mgengo and her father with her final year High School Certificates

A message from Simbulele:

“I remember when the news was broken to me that they found someone who was willing to help me further with my studies. Not only was I able to go to the higher grades, but a school that was outside my area, a more privileged school. I was ecstatic. I still cannot believe it even today. I still shed a tear today whenever I look back or when I realise the environment I am in. Not only did Rogz change my life but they gave my family hope and faith. And for that I will forever be grateful. I cannot even express how I feel in words.

Being in Bloubergrant High School has really changed the way I viewed life. I learnt great lessons. The experience has really changed my life, from striving for the best to giving my all in order to achieve my goal. The hunger for success and knowing that there’s people looking up to me is what pushes me everyday to do the best.

From achieving academic achievement certificates to being elected as the member of the school’s learner committee. It did not end there, I was acknowledged and given the responsibility to be part of the Prefects of 2019, and all that started because of Rogz. They did not only support me financially but gave me moral support as well. I felt like I was part of the Rogz Family. To end on that note, I would really love to say Thank you very much for all you have done for me.”

Simbulele studying at RWHQ in her 3rd year Bachelor of Accounting at Boston College

A message from Daleen

 “The Rogz Academy does excellent work with projects related to education, youth development and nutrition. I love their passion, energy, positive attitude, regular updates, clear communication, and how every student is special to them (not just a number). I also appreciate how they partner with existing programmes, who they chose carefully, rather than trying to work outside their expertise. The Rogz Academy knows authentic empowerment!”

Gratitude from Rogz Academy

Rogz Academy and Daleen Turner are encouraged by Simbulele’s perseverance and tenacity to continue with her studies, despite very challenging circumstances. Simbulele is an inspiration and role model to so many! Providing financial and mentorship support is part of the empowerment purpose of Rogz Academy and we are extremely grateful to Daleen for joining us in helping to make a difference.

You can make a difference too. If you would like to help shape a young life through donations or sponsorships then reach out to us. For more information on how to contribute via SnapScan or EFT, visit https://rogz.com/rogz-academy/.  

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