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We are a 26 year old South African pet brand, specialising in pet gear and pet accessories. With a proven track record in 90 countries, including Australia, we have multiple distribution centres efficiently handling orders and deliveries to global and Australian markets. We incorporate trendy fashion colours and design elements into utility items which are attractive and practical products. Our use of superior packaging make Rogz products easy to identify and ensure sales of the correct size for your breed and weight of pet. Most of our products have explanatory videos (via QR codes) on YouTube showing how products should be used and fitted which helps to connect our customers with their pets.


Please note this website is a product catalogue. To purchase items please contact your nearest pet store or vet in Australia.

New products and best sellers

  • Rogz Utility Explore Harnesses

    Rogz Utility Explore Harness

    Rogz Utility Explore Harnesses ensure comfort for your dog while providing you with additional control. The padded chest plate provides extra comfort and support for your dog, transferring pressure from neck to chest while the support handle allows you to aid your dog over obstacles in and out the car....

  • Rogz Utility Classic Collar

    Recommended for everyday use and identification, Rogz Utility Classic Collars are durable with strong webbing in a variety of colours. The perfect collar for all Aussie canines. They're made with highly reflective stitching for increased visibility during your night-time strolls. The safe and trusted RogLoc buckle on the larger sizes...


Safety of pets in Australia and around the world is the number one priority at Rogz. All components and materials undergo stringent tests ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest quality, strength and safety standards. Being a responsible pet brand, we encourage consumers to make the correct product choice for their pet based on their pet’s behaviour.

Rogz has developed comprehensive guides to help with this choice – our Size and Weight Guide and our Colour Guide. Both these guides help Rogz to be a safe and trusted brand whilst being the most enjoyed pet gear on planet earth and beyond!


Knowing your dog’s neck and girth measurements (and its weight) is vital to choose the right size Rogz collar and Rogz harness to keep your dog safe. Our weight guide is based on our components’ break strength. We have developed these guides to help Rogz to be a safe and trusted brand whilst being the most enjoyed pet gear on planet earth and beyond!

Not sure how to measure and weigh your dog? Watch this video and we’ll take you through a few simple steps to ensure you choose the correct size Rogz product based on your dog’s measurements and weight.


Choosing pet gear colours is fun for you and your best furry friend whether you’re in Canberra’s city centre or lazing on the Gold Coast. Use the slider to choose a colour that looks cool on your dog’s coat or a contrasting colour to stand out from the crowd and be seen. Colours are a great way to expresses your mood or your dog’s personality, see if you can find the perfect representation for your dog.


The friendliest staff and dogs. They have a business that they can be proud of. I wish them all the best.

Colleen Potgieter

Google Review

Rogz Rocks! Bought a harness for our dog today. She is impossible to take for walks on the lead, as she pulls you all over the place. The harness is wonderful, her lead clips on the back, and she is as good as gold. Well done, money well spent.

Yolanda Roozen-Dekenah

My lab loves the Rogz Grinz large ball. He can catch it in his mouth and loves to just hold it in his mouth and pop it with his jaws. This ball shows no signs of damage even after 3 months of daily chews. I can't recommend it any higher. I have given it to 2 friends with dogs as a gift.


My little dog loves this Rogz Scurbz Toy…we have sadly lost his first… as the cats love it also and often hide it from him.. had to reorder two!! He loves the crackle noise it makes, it is soft to tug on it and plays fetch with it easily. It goes wherever BaZinGa travels, to the vet, in the Jeep or just carries it around the house.


This is the second Rogz Classic Collar we have bought for my kiddo and as always great quality and love the new design on the clip that they have changed from the round clip for connecting if the leash.


Love the vegetable garden on the sidewalk.

Sandra Sands-Wilson

Google review


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