What dog toys should I buy?

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Dogs are smart! Just like us, they need mental stimulation and physical exercise to stay healthy. Buying suitable toys is a great (and fun!) way to provide enrichment, bond with them and show you care.

But how do you know which are the best dog toys? It depends on what you want your dog to get out of it, apart from fun of course! Here are a few things to consider when choosing a dog toy. 

Why does my bestie need a toy? 

Why does a dog want a toy? For fun of course! But why do we as pet parents need toys for our dogs? For various reasons. Rogz has four distinctive dog toy categories that will take care of all your besties’ playing needs.


Chewing helps to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. It helps to smooth the teeth and scrape away tartar, leaving your dog’s teeth and gums. Providing proper chew toys for your bestie can help reduce mouthiness and nipping.

The Rogz Gumz Chew Ball is a perfect all-round chew toy for your bestie. The textures of this toy are carefully designed to not only clean your dog’s teeth, but also build up that jaw strength! If you want your bestie to rather enjoy a gentle massage when chewing, then the Rogz Yumz Chew Toy is what you need.

The Rogz Yumz Chew Toy is gently massages your dog’s gums while chewing


Treat toys are a great way to keep your bestie entertained and enriched. Not only does it drive stimulation, but it also satisfies your dog’s natural drive to chase, chew, and hunt for food. Treat toys have other benefits too. It slows down food gobblers by slowing down the eating process. It also reduces separation anxiety and soothes over-excited dogs by engaging your dog and keeping them mentally simulated.

The Rogz Tumbler Treat Toy will  keep your bestie engaged and stimulated. Fill the toy with your dog’s favourite treats or pellets and watch as they roll it around to try to get the goodies to fall out. This toy comes with three different settings, so you can choose how easy or difficult it will be for your dog to interact with the toy. 

Engage your dog’s mind with the Rogz Tumbler Treat Dispenser Toy


Playing fetch is a classic! It provides hours of fun for you and your bestie. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach, park or in your own garden, fetch is a great way to get your dog’s heart rate up and keep them active and in shape.

On dry land or getting soaked in some water, fetch is a crowd favourite. The Rogz Pop-Upz Fetch Toy bounces, floats and is designed to pop itself upright when hitting land or water. This makes it super interactive and easy to find.

The erratic bounce of the Rogz Pop-Upz Fetch Toy will stimulate your dog’s mind during games of fetch


Like chew toys, dental toys are best used for dental hygiene. Imagine trying to brush your dog’s teeth daily! What a mission. Using dental toys is a great substitute for daily brushing by keeping plaque build-up to a minimum. It helps to keep the gums healthy too, promoting all-round benefits for your dog’s mouth.

The Rogz Flossy Grinz Dental Toy has an inner squeak which encourages your bestie to chew in different directions, cleaning all those pearly whites in the process.  It also has tongue cleaning ridges promoting all-round dental hygiene.

The Rogz Flossy Grinz has many functions that promotes dental hygiene

We’re here to help!

Still not sure which dog toy is the right one for you? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist with expert advice.

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